Ten on Tuesday

I know it isn’t even closes to being Tuesday, but I thought I’d sum up the month and then try to start up again next Tuesday.

1.  May was filled with sporting events thanks to free tickets from my work.  We are getting spoiled, but are happy to take the tickets off their hands when they ask.

Mariners –

blog 5.30.13-30-3

Always fun to see who and what they will wear to a baseball game.

blog 5.30.13-30-2 blog 5.30.13-30-4


2.  Had the chance to go to the BEST Sounders Soccer game ever.  Once again we were the guests for work.  Loved, loved, loved the game.  Totally incredible playing and perfect corner kick to the top left hand corner.  We even got a bloody nose and a red card.  To make it the best game – Sounders had a great upset defeat of the #1 team in the US.  It has been way to long since we’ve been to a game.  Hopefully there will be one when Brock is home prior to his leaving to school.

bloga 5.30.13-21-2


love the start of the games…

bloga 5.30.13-21


Love the flags and energy of the crowd….

bloga 5.30.13-21-3


heard a few new chants (not that I’ll ever say them).  Lot of fun and great night.

3.  We had a Powder Puff Pinewood Derby with Becky and the 8-11 year olds at church.

blogb 5.30.13-51


Becky did a great job…

blogb 5.30.13-15


Becky came prepared to work her weights into her design.  The other’s who didn’t bring any weights found as much change as possible in their Mom’s purse and hot glued it on.  They had some serious money on the underside of the cars.

blogb 5.30.13-50


4.   Love it when you see something fun as you pull up to a stop light.

blog 5.30.13-30-7


5.  Becky is getting very creative with putty.  Who know that is what it is…

blog 5.30.13-30-8


6.  Busy working on another quilt (shocker I know).  Always amazes how a pile of material can turn out so different every time.

blog 5.30.13-30-9


7.  Brett is sporting a boot camp hair style lately and Jeff’s old hat fits perfect.

blog 5.30.13-30-12 blog 5.30.13-30-11


8.  Lots of fun at Pacific Science Center with Greg and girls…  The butterflies were very clingy that day…

blog 5.30.13-30-13 blog 5.30.13-30-14 blog 5.30.13-30-15 blog 5.30.13-30-16 blog 5.30.13-30-17


Greg really has grown up a lot…

blog 5.30.13-30-18


9.  View from a Sat am run with Greg..

blog 5.30.13-30-19


10.  Went to Biztown, put on by Junior Achievements, with Becky.  She was the CFO/CEO of  Weyerhaeuser.  She worked hard and gave a great speech at the town meeting.  She is a natural.

blog 5.30.13-30-23 blog 5.30.13-30-24 blog 5.30.13-30-26

It has been a great month.  So much fun and so busy.

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