Ten on Tuesday

1. New game in the house and we really like it.

blog 5.30.13-30-20

It is Monopoly Hotels. We got it for Owen for his birthday since he likes Monolopy. I don’t like Monopoly, but really like this game. It is a two person game and takes about 15 minutes to play. So far Owen has the highest percetnage of winning, but Becky has played the most games. Me, I’ve won the first game I’ve played and haven’t come been back in the winner’s circle yet.

2. Brett has a great hit at his baseball game.  Click on the link below to watch the video.

This marks a first. I put a video on the blog and I uploaded my first video to You-Tube. How Brock would be so proud of me.

3. The Mariner Moose came to Brett’s game. Brett was the 2nd one over to say hi.  Usually he is very reserved when the Moose comes.

photo (3)

Their buddies today were from a Frat at UW. It was great to watch Brett with his buddy Brett.

photo (4)

4. The weather has been wonderful laterly. Couldn’t help but stop on a morning run and take a picture of the lake near my house. How I love it here. Love the reflection in the lake.


5. Our yard it getting a much needed transformation.

The shrubs which looked like this …

blog 6.4.13-1 blog 6.4.13-3 blog 6.4.13-5

After Owen being the scrub slayer it looks so much better…

blog 6.4.13-11

we ran out of neighbor’s yard waste barrels, so the other side only got its sides cut … for now..

blog 6.4.13-12

6. The backyard also is getting a face lift. This is an old picture showing all the limbs, etc.

bloga 6.4.13-3418

we are only half way through, but the look is AMAZING!

blog 6.4.13-13 blog 6.4.13-15

Don’t think I’ve seen much of that fence before.. The tree with the green ribbon is also coming down. The arborvitaes to the right of the picture are going to be cut down and tied up to help them grow and get stronger. Pics next week.

7. Only two weeks of school left. Brett is going to be so sad. He loves school and being with his friends.

8. Had lots of fun last night with a good friend and her daughter. So glad to spend time with them.

9. Brock has a release date of Aug 27th. less than 90 days!

10. Get to start my quilt from the Amazing Race. Can’t wait to start cutting this afternoon.

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