Ten on Tuesday

1.  It is almost Summer Vacation – I can feel it and can’t wait.  I feel like a kids waiting for Christmas.

2.  Had a fun Girls Night Out last week and had Fish Taco’s.  What could be better than that.

3.  Thursday night I got to go to a Mariner’s vs. Yankee game with Melissa from work.  We are both from upstate New York and grew up as Yankee fans.  I figured I’d be happy with how ever the game turned out.  Funny thing happened when the Yankee’s started to score.  I was not okay with that.  Yankee’s won and I was bummed.  SO yes – I am a Mariner’s fan more than a Yankee fan.

blog 6 11 13-2 blog 6 11 13-1

4.  Brett has started playing Softball with the Special Olympics.  He is in heaven.  There is a tennis court next to his softball field and hopefully Owen and I or Becky and I can get in a few games during his practice.

5.  Brett had his final Miracle league baseball game on Sat am.  What more could he want than back to back baseball/softball game.

blog 6 11 13-3

6.  Becky went with Owen on Sat afternoon to a MAKE Fair.  One of Owen’s favorite magazine is called MAKE.  It has lots of different things to make.  They went to this fair and had a great time.  Becky came home with a vile of something white floating in a liquid and said “Guess what it is?”  Couple of guesses later she said “The DNA of a strawberry”  Yeah that was NOT my next guess.  We would have been there all day if she waited for me to guess what it was.  They saw lots of other cool things.

photo (8) photo (7) photo (6) photo (5)

7.  I have started doing Family History/Genealogy work again.  It has been probably about a year and a half or so.  Forgot how much I LOVE the treasure hunt.  I love to try to imagine all about their lives and learn more about them.

8.  Work on my Amazing Race quilt is coming along, just a bit slower than I’d like.

9.  Last night we went and played Frisbee golf for FHE.  So much fun and free.  Okay the cheap $1.00 Frisbee were not very good, but still it was fun to have something we can all do together and enjoy being outside.

blog 6 11 13-4 blog 6 11 13-6 blog 6 11 13-5

10.  Special Olympic Golf started tonight and we all headed over.  Turns out this summer we will be playing a lot.  Brett and Becky both get to play for free.  Brett because of Special Olympics and Becky because of First Tee Golf which starts in 2 weeks.  Owen and/or I get to play with Brett for free as his partner.  Brett has improved tremendously since last year.  Maybe all those time hitting the plastic golf balls at home have helped.  We had a great time tonight again as a family.

blog 6 11 13-8 blog 6 11 13-10 blog 6 11 13-9

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Wow! Your blog post makes me feel like summer truly is knocking on our door 🙂 !!

    That MAKE fair looks like a lot of fun! My kids love stuff like that!

    You will have to let me know where you played Frisbee golf. We used to play a lot when we were in Provo, but it has been forever and a day since we have enjoyed that activity!

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