Ten on Tuesday

1.  Brett is loving helping cook dinner lately.  Love this show when he was so proud that he was stirring two pots at once.  With the trademark, just like Dad, towel over the shoulder.

blog 6 18 13-18


2.  Lindsay came and found us while Brett was shooting Basketball hoops.  Loved how they walked back to our house..

blog 6 18 13-18-2


then Lindsay “helped” Brett to skip.  He was sure he was doing.  Love the love they have between each other.

blog 6 18 13-18-3 blog 6 18 13-18-4


3. Becky had promotion from the 5th grade on Friday.  She was picked to present a couple of things that she loved about her teacher.  She did a great job and was so confident.

blog 6 18 13-18-6 blog 6 18 13-18-7


Becky has an amazing group of great girls.  These girls have been together since they were 2 1/2 and 3 when we started having a play group in the neighborhood.  Loved how they have stayed great friends all these years.

blog 6 18 13-18-8


It was really cool when they all received awards for scoring high on standard tests.   What a great group of girls.

Here is a picture of the girls plus two guys were in the playgroup with them.    Below is at the bus stop on the first day of Kindergarten.  Aren’t they so cute!  How the time has flown by..



blog 6 18 13-18-9


blog 6 18a 13-1114

4.  Brett is loving playing Special Olympic’s softball.  They just have practices now, but Brett doesn’t care.  Loved this face as he ran for home base.

blog 6 18 13-18-10


5.  Friday night after Softball we celebrated the end of an era.   13 years at Discovery and 17 years of having a child in an elementary school are over.  Can I really be that old?

blog 6 18 13-18-11


6.  Becky and Owen had a daddy daughter bike ride with the activity day girls from out church.  They had a great time.  There were 16 girls and their dads.

blog 6 18 13-18-13


7.  Brett and I went with friends to a charity softball game at Safeco Field.  We had lots of fun at a VERY casual game.  Great day with great friends.

blog 6 18 13-18-14 blog 6 18 13-18-15

blog 6 18 13-18-16


Sad part was that Dan Wilson could hit the softball with the pool noodle just about as far as I could with a bat.  (Okay, maybe I could hit a bit further, but not that much further)

8.  Found myself taking pictures of quilts in a magazine in the grocery store today.  What is becoming of me?

blog 6 18 13-18-19


9.  Tonight while Brett was playing golf with Special Olympics (love that I get to go along and play for free).  I was stunned when I was able to chip in a shot from here for birdie.

blog 6 18a 13-1


I really like par 3’s.  Maybe by the end of summer I’ll be ready to take on a hole longer than 104 yards.

10.   Random photo’s of the week that I wanted to share….

Loved the reflection in a pond at the end of a morning run…

blog 6 18 13-18-12


Rainbow on the way home from FHE bowling activity…

blog 6 18 13-18-17


race that looks like fun in Sept….

blog 6 18 13-18-18


Looking forward to summer!!!!!!  Hope you are all doing great!  Come see us sometime.  The next 2 1/2 months are the best of the year.


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