Seattle Day Trip – Deception Pass State Park and Mount Vernon

Owen was stating a new job so we headed out for a Day Trip before he starts.  Looking forward to lots of these types of days this summer, since we don’t have any major trips planned.

I had purchased Groupon’s for a jet boat tour of Deception Pass in April, only to find they do not operate on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were expiring at the end of June so that is how we picked this as our starting point for the day.    We went exploring Tide Pools back in April,  I have been across the bridge a number of times.  Deception Pass has very hazardous waters under the bridge so it was great to have the chance to safely go through the pass on a boat.

Deception Pass Jet Tours did a great job.  The boat held about 35 people and had a captain and a tour guide.  We started the tour in Cornet Bay.   This is a very typical view of what you will see in the San Juan Islands.  I never grow tired of it.

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Not very far out into the bay we harbor seals lounging in the sun…

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The tour guide pointed out an old prison work mile up on the hill.  Not a very easy escape from that one.

blog 6 26 13-25

We were able to see canoe pass, once thought only a canoe could make it through.

blog 6 26 13-22

Going through Deception pass was amazing.  I would not have wanted to be in a slower boat than we were in.  It was amazing to see all the swirling water around you as the different currents collided.

blog 6 26 13-19 blog 6 26 13-8

blog 6 26 13-81

Once out of Cornet Bay into Rosario Straight you could see the San Juan Islands..

blog 6 26 13-64

We were able to see Bald Eagles in trees,

blog 6 26 13-53 blog 6 26 13-80 blog 6 26 13-70

amazing views and the Apache helicopter from the near by Air Force Base (last time we were there we got a private jet plane practice).

blog 6 26 13-62

Brett and Becky wanted to sit by themselves so we had a great time and so did they.

blog 6 26 13-26-15 blog 6 26 13-26-14


Great hour ride and lots of fun to seeing Deception Pass from the water point of view (my family all enjoyed this more than the time I took them kayaking at Deception Pass – we didn’t go under the bridge – I don’t know how they enjoyed this more??)

blog 6 26 13-45

After our boat tour we stopped at the shrimp shack for a fish and chip and shrimp lunch.

blog 6 26 13-26-16

I had seen on Groupon about a shrub maze on the way back to Seattle in Mount Vernon.  We stopped and had a wonderful time.   We spent an hour running through the maze.


blog 6 26 13-26-19

blog 6 26 13-26-17 blog 6 26 13-26-22 blog 6 26 13-26-21

There is a tower in the middle with a great slide to come down.

blog 6 26 13-26-18

We would go different directions and see were we would end up.  Along the way they gave you info about the berries that they sell there.

blog 6 26 13-26-20

We took an ice cream break (great stuff) after an hour of running.  After the ice cream the kids wanted to do more.  Becky had memorized the path to the tower and wanted me to time her.  Brett and I waited outside and timed her.  2:00.08 minutes was her record.

blog 6 26 13-26-23

I was never that good.  Usually after a while I’d just call out to Becky who would be on the tower already and then I could follow the sound of her voice to get to the tower.

So much fun and a great time with the kids..

We went to the LaConner Quilt Museum, free entrance that day due to the celebration of the restoration to it building.  Becky joined me and we had fun wearing plastic gloves so we could touch the quilts.

While driving back to I-5 we found this home which is not selling everything in its yard.

blog 6 26 13-26-26 blog 6 26 13-26-25

We then headed to Seattle to go to LDS Night at the Mariners.

blog 6 26 13-86 blog 6 26 13-87

It was fun to sit with 56 friends from church.   Mariners lost, but we stayed til the end because we were close enough that we might actually win.  Love a great night at the ball park.  One of these nights they might actually win a game when we are there.

Headed home to wonderful bed, best part of a day trip – We played hard and loved every minute of it.  The kids were great and made it a day to remember.

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2 Responses to Seattle Day Trip – Deception Pass State Park and Mount Vernon

  1. annie says:

    Loving the photos Kris! I always love where you live, can’t wait to visit again someday.

  2. krapier says:

    I totally want to do this the next time we are in town! Looks so fun!

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