Seattle Day Trip – Tacoma Museums Free Third Thursday

The Third Thursday of each month the museums in Tacoma are free from 2pm – 8pm.

We haven’t been to the Washington State History Museum in years.  They had a vintage motorcycle exhibit so it was a perfect time to go.  I have always wanted to go to the Glass Museum also, but never had so it seemed like a perfect duet – plus my kids are old enough to enjoy both.

We arrived and Brett LOVED the signs on the building with the motorcycles…

Loved the sign in the hallway.  

blog 6 26 13-26-2

History is not for wimps.  Sometimes I wonder if in 50 – 100 years they will look back at us and say that or say that we were wimps.

The museum has a great exhibit on the main floor that shows the history of Washington from the Native Americans through our day.  They had a fun treasure hunt for the kids to do.  Note: the souvenir you get for finishing it is not anything special so don’t get your hopes up.

Becky like the “original gun rack” (her words I promise).

blog 6 26 13-26-3

Brett was in heaven when we made it upstairs for the motorcycle exhibit.

blog 6 26 13-26-4

This motorcycle was built in 1919.  The year my grandparents were born, who still alive and kicking.

blog 6 26 13-26-5

The favorite and longest wait was to play the motorcycle video machine.

blog 6 26 13-26-6

We headed back to the car and ate some snacks, 2 hours in a museum will leave you a bit hungry.  Then we headed over the bridge the Museum of Glass.

These were in the ceiling on the walk way over the bridge.

blog 6 26 13-26-7

Loved the sculptures.

blog 6 26 13-26-8

We got into the museum and the hot spot was about to open in 10 minutes.  We walked through the gallery and saw amazing glass sculptures.  They were hard to take photo’s so go and see them for yourself.

blog 6 26 13a -26 blog 6 26 13a -26-2

Then we went into the hot shop.

blog 6 26 13-26-9

blog 6 26 13-26-10

blog 6 26 13-26-11


There is stadium seating to watch an artist create a glass sculpture.  We sat and watched for 30 minutes.  We then went and looked around the museum for a bit and then came back in and watched from a balcony up above the artist.  Our artist was making a sockeye salmon glass sculpture.  It was amazing to watch them take glass pieces and put them together to create the fins and tails.   There were tables with frit on it to add color to the white glass which had been powdered to get a basic color.

blog 6 26 13-26-12 blog 6 26 13-26-13

Highly recommend a trip here to watch.  I am glad though that my  kids are older and enjoyed it as much as myself.

So for $7.00 parking and a 4 gallons of gas we had a wonderful afternoon!  Can’t wait to go back in August when the exhibit which is replacing the motorcycle exhibit is the DB Cooper Mystery (Becky is our mystery buff).

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