Ten on Tuesday

1.  IT IS SUMMER VACATION!!!  How I love summer.  My kids are old enough to have lots of fun and my kids aren’t old enough to have every week planned with activities.

2.  We aren’t taking any major vacations, family reunion up here mid- July, so we are doing to do LOTS of exploring during the week.  Will post those soon.

3.  Owen stated a new job on Monday.  He is working for a company called Blue Rooster located right on Lake Union in Seattle.  He is right on the Burke Gilman Trail.  He is excited to ride his bike to work.  He took a test ride on Saturday.

blog 6 26 13-26-29

4.  Strawberry picking was great – we missed the first day when they have HUGE strawberries – but we picked 6.5 pounds of wonderfully sweet yummy strawberries.  I remember why I am too old to be a migrant worker.  My back was happy when we stopped with only 6.5 pounds.

blog 6 26 13-26

5.  On the way home, Becky looked up a strawberry pie recipe.  Loved that I could drop her off at the grocery store while I got gas and she bought what she needed.  She then made the entire pie and it was delicious.

blog 6 26 13-1

I used the rest of the strawberries and made freezer jam.  Oh how I love summer.

6.  We played tennis at the park.  Brett and Becky did great for their first time.

blog 6 26 13-26-35 blog 6 26 13-26-36 blog 6 26 13-26-38

Even saw a snake in the grass as I was looking for my ball that I hit out of the fence area.  (shows you how good I play!)

blog 6 26 13-26-37

7.  Saturday, I raked the moss from the front yard and planted new seeds and put down some dirt.  Hoping that it grows.  Still not loving the whole yard work thing.

blog 6 26 13-26-31 blog 6 26 13-26-32

8.  Love the signs of summer.

blog 6 26 13-26-30 blog 6 26 13-26-28

9.  Went to the temple with Owen on Sat night with some friends.  They wanted pictures out front so we took some too.  Haven’t done that in a long time.

blog 6 26 13-26-33

10.  Brett is cooking breakfast for us now a days.

blog 6 26 13-26-34

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