Happy Birthday to Me

I had a wonderful birthday this year.

Started with my annual run across and back the I-90 floating bridge.  Nothing like running on water to make you feel invincible.  My good friend Tamie came with me for the run.

Happy Birthday Kris-3-3


After a wonderful breakfast  of crepes cooked by Becky…

Happy Birthday Kris-2-4 Happy Birthday Kris-2-3


We headed out on Brett’s pick from our summer fun jar to hike the Bus Loop Trail at Tiger Mtn.  It is just about a mile long and he was a trooper.  Something about putting on a camelback makes him be able to go that much further.  Bring along a friend and Becky doesn’t even know how long we’ve been hiking.

Happy Birthday Kris-3-4 Happy Birthday Kris-1 Happy Birthday Kris-2


It still amazes me everything to wonder how this bus got into the middle of nowhere all those years ago.

Happy Birthday Kris-4 Happy Birthday Kris-5


We rewarded Becky for finishing reading the first 15 books of her summer reading program by getting some frozen yogurt.

Next part of my birthday was to do something I’ve been dreaming and hoping to do for years….   start my headboard out of kitchen cabinets…

got our supplies and had the 4×4 post cut at Home Depot…

Happy Birthday Kris-3-2


and with the help of an amazing lady and her saw and nail gun .. I’m this far along….

Happy Birthday Kris-4-2Happy Birthday Kris-2-5


can’t believe it is going to really happen.

Lastly we headed across the I-90 bridge to a sounders game and saw this man waving his flags..  loved it…

Happy Birthday Kris-6


The Sounders game was wonderful and we even won.  Second Sounder’s game this year and loved every minute.

Happy Birthday Kris-12 Happy Birthday Kris-10 Happy Birthday Kris-7 Happy Birthday Kris-8

Came home and was so thankful for such amazing friends, family and a day like no other!!!

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1 Response to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Carla says:

    Hi Kris. Thought I would pop over and say Hi! Happy birthday. I’m part of the Bee that Corey just started too. Looking forward to working with you ; )

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