What Do You Do In The Summertime – Alki Beach

It was a hot summer day and so we headed to Alki Beach for some fun.  Alki Beach is located west of Seattle and has amazing views of the Seattle Skyline.  One important thing we discovered by accident was that if you want to go and “swim” (no one really swims in the 54 degree water, but you can cool off and play in it) – Go at LOW TIDE.  Not so that you can look at tide pools which you can in a different part of Alki Beach, but that there is a very shallow ledge that goes out for a long ways and you can walk in waist deep water.  If it is high tide the water is drops of real fast and there isn’t much room to play in the water.

I had gotten a groupon for Wheel Fun Rental and we arrived around 11 am.  They were having a buy one hour get an hour free deal so we had the Surry for 2 hours.  Low Tide was 3pm so we figured we’d ride, eat lunch and then go tide pooling.  We rode, ate but never left the water to go and look at the tide pools.  We’ll have to do that another trip.

The Surrey’s at Wheel Fun Rental are great.  We got a 4 seat (2 row) surrey.  (They have ones which have one row, two row or three rows of seats)

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-13

This bike can actually how up to 8 people (kids included).  There are seats up front with seat belts for 2 smaller kids (or my backpack in our case).  There are 4 seats which can pedal and then there is room for a middle passenger.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-5

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-18

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-19

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-27

The kids each took turns driving.  First time for each proved to be a bit of a learning ride, but their 2nd and 3rd times they were champs.  We headed right when we got out of the bike shop which helped since is was less crowded and the initial driving experience.

Here are a few views looking from the back seat.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-15 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-16 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-14

We got off a couple of times to admire the views and look for rocks to skip.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-3 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-4 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-10 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-8

We pedaled and pedaled our legs out.  The bike is not fast and is single speed.  Even with 4 people pedaling we were able to cover the 5 mile round trip of the paved path along Alki Beach.  The views were amazing and fun to see what you’ll see next.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-11 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-12 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-20 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-22 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-25 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-26

Bet you didn’t know that Alki has it’s own Statue of Liberty.

Thanks to the cover on the surrey and the breeze off Elliott Bay we were never hot on a high 80 – low 90 degree day.

We went next door to Slices and got some great pizza.  They girls had worked so hard that 2 pieces of pizza each were quickly consumed.

Then we headed across the street to the beach.  Like I said earlier, low tide was perfect to play in the water.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-32 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-31 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-35 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-34 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-45 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-43 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-49

Not sure if you can tell from the pictures the distance the girls were from us (also the zoom helps makes them closer).  The would wait for the waves from a tanker ship or ferry to come by and give a little excitement to the water.  Brett was a very patient brother and enjoyed watching from the wood log with me.  The girls needed a few minutes to warm up after being in the water.

Alki Beach Day Trip-3-55 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-56 Alki Beach Day Trip-3-58

All in all a perfectly wonderful way to spend a Sunny day in Seattle.  Both girls feel asleep on the ride home –  Signs of a very successful day in my book!

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