What Do You Do In The Summertime – Lake Sammamish State Park

We headed to Lake Sammamish State Park so the kids could go stand up paddle boarding.   As luck would have it they weren’t open that day for rentals (surprise to me).  Luckly we had brought our two boogie boards and stayed around to play on those.

Lake Sammamish has a great swim area and since they have required a Discovery Pass the number of people here has decreased greatly.  We headed out around 11am all ready to paddle board.  Brett took a couple of turns on the boogie board and quickly retreated to the blanket to watch us.

Lake Samm-3-3

Becky loves to attach you to get your board even if she has her own.  The attach was much more fun then the stolen boggie board.

Lake Samm-3-6 Lake Samm-3

Brett stayed entertained by watching the count down on his ipod to let us know how many more minutes til we left.

Lake Samm-3-4


I am getting much better having a bag packed and food ready to go for our outings.  Grapes are the perfect food because they stay relatively cool and are so juicy.  Makes for the perfect snack.

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