What to do in the Summer Time – Pine Lake Park, Sammamish WA

Our favorite local lake that is within walking distance is Pine Lake.  It is a short 1/2 mile walk.  It is VERY popular on hot sunny days.

Here is a picture on morning during a run…



Here are pictures on a HOT summer afternoon…

Pine Lake Park-3-2 Pine Lake Park-3-3 Pine Lake Park-3-4 Pine Lake Park-3-5

Pine Lake Park-3-8


One thing I have found that makes our “adventures” much more fun is to bring along a friend or two for Becky.  That way I can hang with Brett if he isn’t into the activity and she has a playmate.   Becky and two of our neighbors had a great time.

Pine Lake Park-3


Brett loves to ride his bike there and was waiting for the change to ride to the local grocery store after the park to pick out his bottle of pop.  I love that he is willing to hang out with us for an hour or more all for the small bribe of picking out his favorite drink.   Many evening we’ll make the 1 1/2 round trip walk to the store to get a drink.   He wasn’t into posing for a photo so I had to sneak one in.

Pine Lake Park-3-9


What did I do while Becky and co swam?   Admired Lindsay’s nail job…

Pine Lake Park-3-7


Funny story about the pretzel’s on the ground.  I was sitting on a park bench which had quite a pile of pretzels that had been dropped on the ground and I’m sure some squirrel was just waiting for us to leave to get his dinner for the night.  A family of 5 boys (grandma and dad) had parked their stroller with the youngest sleeping with Grandma watching him.  As the boys came back from the lake they would each look at the pretzels, pick one up not even brush it off and pop it in their mouth.  They almost cleaned up all the pretzels, until their dad couldn’t take it anymore and made them leave.  Love the the dirt that gets inside boys all summer long.

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