Special Olympic Softball Games

Brett played in his first ever Special Olympics Softball game last weekend.  He LOVES baseball but has only played Miracle League where no one gets out, you always stand at the plate til you hit no matter how many pitches.  You always run the bases and score.

Special Olympics doesn’t work that way.  It is athlete pitched and they call balls and strikes.  Brett was so funny.  When we pulled into the parking lot he said, “Hit it hard”.  He has been practicing every Friday night and has gotten really good at getting his feet in front of the ball to stop it so he can then pick it up.

Brett plays center right outfield (just pass the dirt onto the grass).   I love how ready he is for each pitch.  Given the fact that the kids pitch to each other out of the in field, let alone a hit, is a big thing, but he was still hopeful that one would come to him.

special olympic softball-74

Brett got his turn to hit.  He was swinging for the fences…

special olympic softball-71


special olympic softball-72


Brett’s coach was trying to tell him to stand there and let them walk him, but that was so foreign to Brett he couldn’t do it.

The look on his face when he struck out was priceless.   Basically a How could that of happened look.

special olympic softball-83


Brett did learn and on his second at bat in that game, he was standing straight and tall…

Ran to each base like his life depended on it and was ready to advance to the next base on the next walk.

special olympic softball-87 special olympic softball-89 special olympic softball-90 special olympic softball-91


Finished the first game with one run.

This a picture of his team on their break between games..

special olympic softball-98


The second game was against a team with a MUCH better pitcher.  Brett was determined to hit the good pitches.

Warming up while on deck..

special olympic softball-101 special olympic softball-102


Got up and watched one go across as a strike.

Got a piece of the next hit, but was foul…

special olympic softball-104


Stood up straight for a couple of bad pitches..

special olympic softball-103


But in the end, couldn’t let a good pitch get past him and he went down swinging.  Happily swinging.

All in all a beautiful day to watch amazing kids and adults play to their hearts content.  Lots of fun to watch Brett grow as a baseball player and learn to watch a bad pitch go by, but still be willing when it looks good.



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