What Do You Do In The Summertime – Marymoor Velodrome and Kubb

It has been a number of years since Owen and I headed out on a Friday night to watch the bike races at the Marymoor Velodrome.  This night was great and did not disappoint.  It is amazing the see the athletic’s and competition that happen’s right in our backyard.

Velodrone and kubb-48

The bikes amaze me.  No brakes and single speed.  They average 30 mph and reach up to 40 mph.  They can make it around the track every 30 seconds.  There is lots of strategy that goes into the races.  There were three different races which we saw that all had different rules about when (which lap) points were given and how many points you got depended on what lap you were on.

Velodrone and kubb-35


There were riders of every shape and size.  I had to take a picture of this guy before the start of his race and cheered for him because he sure looks like a good looking missionary in Arizona who gets to get back on his bike this week.

Velodrone and kubb-8


It was also a great chance to practice motion shots – where you keep the biker in focus by panning with the rider and then the rest of the background blurs.  I am showing you the better attempts.   You don’t have to have a fancy camera to do this.  The technique works for camera phones or point and shoots.

Velodrone and kubb-39 Velodrone and kubb-43

We went with Greg and Nicolle so that Nicolle could see what the future held for her girl’s as bike racers.

Velodrone and kubb-47


After the races, Greg set up the Swedish game of Kudd on the grass near the lights of Velodrome and played Greg and Nicolle.  It involved knocking over a wood block with a wood stick.  We’ll just say that Owen and I were not naturally gifted at this game.

Velodrone and kubb-11 Velodrone and kubb-10Velodrone and kubb-9


So if you are looking for a great Friday night date ideas that isn’t too expensive ($5 per person or you can get a 2 for 1 coupon on their website http://velodrome.org/mva/).  Racing starts at 7:30.  We were a bit late at 8:15 and they were no longer charging.

Kubb was free, but you have to make a trip to Sweden to get the game or have a brother who has it.

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