Ten on Tuesday – Really I’m alive

1.  It has been a crazy couple of months around here.  Lots going on and having lots of fun.  I’ll try to catch back up at some point, but figured I’d better start up again (thanks to the prodding of my sister).

2.  Little Catch up – Brock came home from his mission.  It was great to spend 10 days with him prior to him leaving to go back to college at BYU Hawaii.  Rough life I tell you.  We had lots of fun going to a Mariners game with my Dad while he was here.  (Lindsay was sick at home so she wasn’t with us)

photo (27)


3.  Brett is growing up.  He went to his first youth group activity – a boating activity at the lake -and LOVED every minute of riding on tubes behind the boat.  Don’t have that photo, but have one of him waiting for the boats to come back.

photo (31)

Brett wanted to go his high school football game and Lindsay was nice enough to take him.

IMG_2927 IMG_8241 IMG_6521


4.  Becky had lots of fun going to Taylor Swift in concert with 4 of her best girlfriends since they were all 3 year olds.

photo (25)


She is also playing soccer once again.


photo (24)


She had lots of fun this summer with the kids in the neighborhood.

photo (28)


4.  Lindsay has moved back home with us so we get to see a lot more of this guy around the place.

photo (32)


5.  We’ve had some amazing sun rises as I am running.



6.  The sunset’s have been doing a good job with competing with the sun rises.

photo (29)


7.   I’ve been keeping busy with this… a blog post to follow I promise – this has been 2 1/2 years in the dreaming stage…

photo (30)


8.  I have been doing tons of quilting since the kids went back to school in the beginning of September.  Blogs to come on that too.

9.  Adventure Tuesday started back up and we did a few of the same things as previous years…

Stand Up Paddleboarding

AT SUP 2013-1


Biking the John Wayne Trail…

AT JWT 2013-4


and Tennis …

AT Tennis 9.24-2


10.  Couldn’t believe it today when I saw a crane in Issaquah.  I am used to seeing them in Bellevue, but not Issaquah.   It has been a very, very long time.photo (23)

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday – Really I’m alive

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Yeah!!!! By the way tell Lindsay she looks amazing as always.

  2. Jill says:

    No prodding from me, but your sister-in-law is happy to see a post, too (especially since I still don’t do Facebook). Looks like a fun summer, love to everyone!

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