Ten on Tuesday

1.  It isn’t that I’ve been too busy, or maybe it has, but it seems like on Tuesday’s I’m am on the go all day long.  Here is to recommitting to doing my blog if for no other reason than for Brock to know what is happening to us back here at home.

2.  I was able to go kayaking on Lake Union.  It was a beautiful calm and very quiet morning on the lake.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our jaunt around the lake.

AT Kayaking 2013-9 AT Kayaking 2013-5 AT Kayaking 2013-6 AT Kayaking 2013-7

3.  Becky has had a couple of volleyball game lately and her serve is coming along nicely.  More points are won on the serve than any other way in 6th grade volleyball, esp with rally scoring.

4.  Wed night, Owen and the kids got to go see the Sounders game – thanks to ROOT sport.  They had a great time even if they lost.  I guess that the best two players are off with the US team right now – not that we are making excuses.


5.  I have done more craft projects in the past two weeks than in the past two years combined.   Getting ready for craft night has been fun along with a few pinterest FAILS.

photo (35)

6.  Friday I got a HUGE check mark/ cross off what ever you want to call it.  I cleaned/ decluttered our closet.  4 huge bags of donations and 2 garbarge bags and a couple of tubs (clothes that we hope to be able to fit into sooner than later) our closet has a floor and nice neat piles of clothes.  It has been years so it feels so great to have it done.

7.  Friday night, Lindsay took Brett and Becky to the football game at Issq.  Brett found his friends and shooed Lindsay away (welcome to teenagers  – Lindsay).

photo (34)

8.  Sat am I had a great time doing crazy things with my friend Tamie.  We completed the 7 Summit Adventure Race.  http://www.7sar.com/  It was lots of fun, VERY muddy and wet.  Did things, I’ve never done before – zip line (where you hold on tight or you end up in the water – well you end up in the water at the end, but if you don’t hold on you’ll end up in lots more water); ate a bug (learn from my mistake – swallow don’t chew);  pulled myself across the water with  my arms pulling on a rope; scaled huge mountains (okay not Huge, but steep, muddy, wet leaf covered ATV climbs- not on an ATV) and had a great time with a great friend.

7SAR 2013-9 7SAR 2013-7

7SAR 2013-6 photo (33)

Medal was this ice axe and the “tshirt” was a buff (you can wear it around your neck or bring it up to cover you mouth or wear it on your head like a hat).   That I need (okay maybe not need, but really would like one) – another t-shirt – not so much.

9.  Learned that an incentive is something you do to help encourage a good action where as a bribe is encouraging someone to do something that is not right.  Nice to know that I give my kids incentives not bribes.

10.  Brett is great.  He had a procedure at Children’s where he had to be put to sleep.  I was very worried due to past times.   He was a trooper.  I promised him that a couple of things on the trip there: 1. nothing was happening to his hip; 2. We were going to go home soon after (no staying in the hospital); and 3. there was  hot chocolate at Starbucks awaiting him when we left the hospital (see incentive not a bribe).   He so so brave.   He was so proud of himself.  He was so ready to go that he tried to take the IV out in the recover room.  Okay, we’ll have to work on that part for next time.  Love to see him growing up.

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