Quilting the last few months

I didn’t get much sewing in this summer.   August and September were a couple of crazy quilting month.  It seemed like everyone one we knew who was pregnant was due in August or September.  And they all were having girls.

It was so fun to do baby quilts.   They come together so much quicker than lap or larger quilts.  I also used it to try new techniques.  A couple of the quilts I completely forgot to take a picture.  oops.

Here is a Dresden plate quilt.  It was fun to do and my first attempt at applique.  I tried to also do a couple of different machine quilting styles on the center of the flowers.

summer quilts 2013-23summer quilts 2013-24summer quilts 2013-25summer quilts 2013-26summer quilts 2013-28 

I also did my first paper piecing quilt.  It was not hard, but sure wasted ALOT of material.  I loved this quilt for an amazing cute family who has waited a long long long long time for this princess to come.  I didn’t notice til looking at these pictures that it is VERY hard to see one of the gray material next to the grey background.  Obviously I am still learning.

summer quilts 2013-1 summer quilts 2013-4 summer quilts 2013-3


I made this next quilt for one of my favorite people around.  She is fun, spunky and wears all these colors and makes them look great.  The pattern was X and O’s.  I love this friend because she ends every text to me with XOXO.

summer quilts 2013-5 summer quilts 2013-6 summer quilts 2013-7


I am also taking part in my first Quilting Bee ever.  There are 10 of us in the group and we are making quilts for a charity.  I love this because I am able to learn a new technique each month (started in Aug – Nov, Jan) and only have to contribute 2 blocks.   I have also forgotten to take pictures of the blocks that I made.

If you want to see the finished quilt from August here is a link to her blog.


In the second, third, seventh picture down you can see one of my blocks.  It was a fun block to learn, but not sure I’d ever want to do a whole quilt of it for me.

Sept block was a Churn Dash Quilt.  I did two blocks.  One which was like the very bottom right and one like the middle right.  Once again new block that I’ve never done.  Will link to the blog once it is complete.

Churn Dashes!! by HoosierToni

For now that is all, but I’m expecting to be hitting my sewing room sooner or later.  How I miss it when I’m not doing it.


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1 Response to Quilting the last few months

  1. wombatquilts says:

    Wow what a collection of great quilts. I love the colour choice of the Dresden and your crown quilt is so cool. Great stuff.

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