Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love Fall.    I love the trees changing colors, the leaves falling, the crisp cool days.  I was running on Saturday and in one part the leaving were falling off the trees as I ran by (surely from my tremendous speed…) and I caught this leaf.


2.  A week ago, I hiked Poo Poo Point with the Adventure Tuesday ladies. It was terribly foggy and figured it would be a good hike in the cloudy weather.  We were blessed with some amazing views once we got above the clouds.  Truely breath taking and so glad I had brought my better camera along instead of just my phone for pictures.

In the fog…




Above the clouds!

blog-25 blog-20 blog-17 blog-10 blog-9 blog-2-3

3. Have been mountain biking at Duthie Hill park recently with the Adventure Tuesday ladies and also made a quick trip with Owen one afternoon last week.  It is amazing to me all the work that has gone into making the park and the fun that you can have so close to my house.

blog-2-4 blog-16


4. Brett has fufilled one of his long time dreams/desires.  He is now able to start the lawn mower all by himself.  He now thinks he needs to mow the lawn everyday.


5.  I have started the long term project of cleaning out the attic.  I am pretty sure the only thing that has come out of there in the last 8 years is the christmas tree and decorations every Christmas.  My goal is to get it cleaned out by Thanksgiving.  We’ll see if that happens.  Here are a few before pictures.  Hopefully the after pictures will look better.

blog-5 blog-4

6.  I had the chance to go to SLC at the begining of Oct to spend sometime learning more about Danish Family History work, meeting a number of Jensen relatives who are working on the family history work and attend conference for the first time.  Enjoyed the time with everyone.

The Jensens…



Conference with Rob and Koni..


7.  We had our annual Pumpkin Carving party on Sat afternoon at a near by park (garage is too full).   It was  great.   Check out our prizes for Scariest Pumpkin and Happiest Pumpkin.

photo 2 photo 1 (1)

8.  We have also been cleaning out closets.  It was amazing to watch all the clothes that were able to be donated.  Becky’s closet has lots of memories.  I decided that it was better to just take a picture than save them.  This sweatshirts was Brock’s from PEI when he was 5.  Yes it is still in great shape and I did donate it.  I am getting so good at letting go.


9.  Becky’s volleyball season is over and soccer goes for another couple of weeks.  So far only one rainly Saturday for soccer.  This is the pond the formed between the fields.   The ducks spent most of their time with their heads down getting worms.

photo (36)


10.  Looking like one of my all time dreams is going to happen for Owen and My 25th Anniversary!!!!  So excited.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. tamieard says:

    I want to know…whatare you guys going to do for your 25th????


  2. Kari says:

    I am with Tamie! Where/what are you doing?

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