Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been a great week.  Look who showed up to help make Halloween a lot more fun.

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2.  Had the pumpkins out this year, but couldn’t find the 100 tea light candles that i have stored for occasions like this so no lights.  I’m pretty sure I’ll find them in the next week.

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3.  Played Volleyball twice this week.  Friday afternoon we actually had a pratice with drills and focus on three hits per side.  I set more than I have in a long long time and loved it.

4. Friday night Becky Brett and I celebrated Brock’s birthday by going to a movie – something that Brock loves.  Free Birds was a cute and fun movie, but not enough to convenience me to have pizza on Thanksgiving rather than Turkey.

5.  Brett had his bowling tournament on Saturday.  He did great.  He has had pratice twice a week for the the past 6 weeks.  They have worked with him alot.  He now stands sideways and bowls (no bumpers allowed).  He has improved from a high last year of 20 to 41.

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Brett had a good first game, but second wasn’t much to write home about.  Tried to blame the power going out twice while he was bowling as why he had a not so great score in the second game.   He loved every minute which is all that is important.  Here is a photo of him with his silver medal.

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6.  We had tons of wind and so glad that the only time we lost power was while we were at the bowling tournament.   There were leaves everywhere.  This a photo trying to show how there were lanes for the cars to drive between the leaves.

blog 11.5.13 (3 of 8)


7.  Sunday I got to teach a lesson based on this article about HOPE.  It is a great article which I would encourage everyone to read at least once.  One of my favorite quotes is:

Hope is the anchor for the soul, the sail for our dreams, and the balm for our pains. It is the one-size solution that fits all.

One part that I really liked was the author gave 10 ways to cultivate our hope.  Worth the time I promise.

8.  I was talking in my lesson how every time I open the mailbox I have great hope that there is something fun in it.  Like a check I wasn’t expecting or a card from a friend.  Today a good friend that was in the class had sent me a card and there was a check I wasn’t expecting.  So fun!!!

9.  Brett’s latest obsession is with the movie Rocketeer.  He WANTS a rocket pack.  Anyone who wants to make him one I’ve included the drawing in case you need them.  He’d be very appreciative.

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10.  With bowling over, Brett has set his sights on the next sport – Basketball.  Headed out today to practice a few shots on the neighbor’s hoop.

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blog 11.5.13 (8 of 8)


I knew he could make baskets from a ways away, but lay ups were new to me.  He is a good shot.  Don’t play him in horse unless you want to eat a bit of humble pie.

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    I love your writing!

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