Ten not on a Tuesday

1.  Realized if I don’t do it first thing in the morning on Tuesday’s it isn’t going to happen.  Too much going on Tuesdays.

2.  Had lots of fun this past week with my dad.  He came for a visit from Friday til this morning.  It was great to have time to talk with him.  More than I’ve had in years combined.  Love him.  We had fun visiting my cousin and her cute baby.

photo (6)


3.  Went snow shoeing last Tuesday with 4 amazing ladies.  Lots of fun even if the snow was hard and crunchy.

snow shoeing 1


4.  Made a blue and brown boy quilt.  Love the bugs and fun colors.

blue brown quilt (1 of 5) blue brown quilt (2 of 5) blue brown quilt (3 of 5) blue brown quilt (4 of 5) blue brown quilt (5 of 5)


5.  Saturday was a spots filled day for us.

Brett had a Special Olympics jamboree.   Just wanted to show a few more pictures – check out that he is actually in the key (last year he stayed at half court directing the players where to go) and he knows where to stand during the very infrequent fowl shots.

photo (7)

photo (9)


I even have a short movie to show you him playing and running down the court.


Becky played soccer.  Check out her speed.

becky soccer 1.18.14


Owen and I played adult volleyball Saturday night.  Lots of fun with friends.

6.  Curling is so fun.   We go once a year for Adventure Tuesday.  It was amazing how much the Olympics being around the corner has increased interest.  The past two years we were the only ones on the ice.  This year all 5 sheets were booked.

at curling 2014 (33 of 34) at curling 2014 (31 of 34) at curling 2014 (1 of 34)


7.  We were doing a photo challenge on a Facebook group of my friends.  Yesterday the challenge was dairy.  Trying to a bit creative and a huge thanks to my sister who thought to take pictures of our cows I was able to remember living on a 1 cow dairy farm (okay a couple of times we had 2, but thankfully it was usually only one).  Here is a photo of “No Hornes”.  We also had a calf which we raised for meat



8.  Figure I’d also try to post about things that happened while I was off from blogging.

Brett’s class had a workshop for the Reflections Art Contest through the PTSA.  Each of the kids created a piece of art and took a picture.  We had an Art Show for them at a local Starbucks.  It was so much fun and the kids loved seeing their art being displayed in Starbucks.

art show (5 of 7)art show (7 of 7)


9.  Here is a sunrise from the other morning.  We have had lots of foggy morning so this was a great treat.

photo (8)


10.  Here a few pictures of quilts that I have made this past fall.

crown quilt (1 of 2) crown quilt (2 of 2) julie quilt (1 of 2) julie quilt (2 of 2)


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