Ten on Tuesday

1.  Owen had seen a Living Social deal about having your dryer vents cleaned and thought it would be a good idea a few weeks ago.  Last Tuesday they came and spent a bit of time cleaning out our dryer vent.  I am happy to tell you it was totally worth it!  My drying time has almost been cut in half.  I have tried to clean out the part from the dryer to wall, but our vent goes under the house and out the back.  Worth it more than once every 20 years (how old our house is).

2.  When the dryer vent cleaners were here they had to get into the crawl space.  Which meant that the door to the toy closet was opened and my stash of junk that had been thrown in over the last year or so was revealed.  I had to pull out some so I figured this was a good reason to really clean and de junk the space.  Three garbage bags later, I had this pile of games/activities to give away – donate and the new game (not many toys left) closet.

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3.   With the game closet cleaned it has been fun to play more games together.  Sure beats watching Roku.  We played Clue (it has been years).  Beware of Brock – he gets very crafty and watch out for Becky – she is one smart cookie.  Almost beat Owen her first time around.

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4.  Just thought I’d share with you one of my favorite times of the day.   Getting the mail.  There is always so much potential of what COULD be in the mail box.  Hope you have something fun in your’s today.

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5.  Brock, Brett and Becky had fun at Seattle Mariners Fan Day.  They got to go to the stadium, run the bases, take pictures and stand in lots of lines.  Becky braved the line for the zip line, but 2 hours proved to be longer than she wanted to wait.  Here is a photo of Brett.  Love this baseball player.

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6.  The rest of the post is about Owen’s and my getaway to Victoria, BC.  We had gotten a free trip for two with overnight accommodations thanks to Victoria Clipper.  We left Seattle on the 8am ferry.

ferry to victoria


Looking forward to a fun couple of days celebrating our 25th wedding Anniversary.  Being together was so much fun.  The ride up was wonderful.

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The views were amazing.  I did learn that wearing reading glasses (forgot they were on) when you are standing on the top of a ferry going 30 mph and you walk to the side to get a photo – is not a good idea with the amount of wind that is up there.  Learned the lesson to bring 2 pairs of reading glasses on a trip – just in case you  might happen to loose the first pair into the water.

7.  We were lucky since it was Jan (not prime tourist season) to be able to stay at the Fairmont Empress.  Even luckier was the incredible day we had on Friday.  Blue skies and sun!

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It was an amazing hotel full of charm.  It was built in 1905ish and was so fun.

Fireplaces in the bedrooms…

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Mail slots in the hallway …

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and wide wide hallways (check out how small the maid cart looks)…

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8.   The food was wonderful.  Lots of fish taco’s and fish and chips.


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had a wonderful breakfast – love love fruit.

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they even had curling on the big screen at the restaurants…

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9.  We toured the parliament building…

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amazing that the architect was a 25 year old (back in 1890’s) who had never built a building before.   He also later designed the Empress Hotel.

Visited the Craigdarroch Castle and learned lots about the Dunsmuir family.

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and walked around the sea wall..

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night time was all lit up also.

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even managed to just happen past a quilt store where I found a few items I needed to help finish a quilt.  (pictures of that later this week)

We also stopped to chat with the lawn bowling club who were renovating their greens to learn more about that.  Sound like we’ll be heading to the local lawn bowling clubs this summer for a date night.  Lawn bowling is a cross between boccie ball and curling.  Sounds good to me!

There were lots of stores/restaurants/farmers markets which were closed so looking forward to more time in Victoria some other weekend.


10.  Best part of the weekend was actually relaxing and enjoying every minute with this amazing guy.

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  1. Kindy says:

    How fun!!!!!!!!!! Love to feel like I am traveling everytime I read your blog.

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