Seahawk Fever Quilt

If you don’t live in Seattle you have no idea how much excitement is in the air around herre.  Every where you go you see the 12 flag.   12 stands for the fans and how they are an important part of the team.  Cars have flags waving on them.  Skittles are sold out everywhere.  Even the Aquarium has renamed one of the hermit crabs, Marshan Pinch.

Thursday night driving home with Owen and Brock, the idea came of for a quilt.  Hard to believe with me I know.

Friday morning I found a couple of logos’s and tried to figure out how to make a pattern.  I decided that the best was to print out the logos’ on graph paper.  The math geek comes out in me once again.

Here are my patterns along with the chicken scratches showing how I made them.  Lots of little sections make the whole quilt..

Logo pattern-p1 (1) Logo pattern-p1


I bought the material Friday morning and at noon started…  Sat night (really really late) before I went to bed I had finished.

Here it is – both sides….

seahawk quilt-3 seahawk quilt-2

I ran out of dark thread with one last column to go.  So I decided to write a bit.  Just in case you can’t read my “Handwriting” it says “Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2014 The Allen’s 12th Man.”   Check out my favorite 12th man below.

seahawk quilt-5

seahawk quilt-8


Now hopefully the game will go well!  My parents are die hard Bronco fans so I’m thinking this might make the perfect 50th Wedding Anniversary (August 2014) gift for them.  Maybe by August They will be welcoming to the idea?  Who am I kidding.  I’m not giving this to them.  This is ours!



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5 Responses to Seahawk Fever Quilt

  1. Not only am I impressed with your mad math skills, but I am incredibly impressed with how QUICKLY you got this quilt done! I am amazed at your determination! Go Kris! Go Hawks!

  2. Jenn says:

    This is fantastic (& very ambitious!)!! Great job!!

  3. 468 Ironwood Drive says:

    Wow, will you have pattern for sale? I am originally from juneau, AK, and everyone I grew up with is a Seahawks fan!!!

  4. Jan Cunningham says:

    I would love to make your quilt. Can I buy the pattern from you?

    • Kris says:

      I can’t sell it to you – since it is their trademark but I can give it to you. 😀. The biggest problem is that it is just what you see on the blog. A picture on graph paper. I then used each box to equal 2″ and eye balled it.

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