Ten on Tuesday

1.  What more can I say than SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPER BOWL.   It has been so fun to watch the excitement and momentum build here in Seattle.   A big part is the 12th man which Seahawks believe in.  Every game someone gets to raise the 12th man flag.  They really make the fan’s feel like they are part of the success of the team.  Here we are sporting our arm socks – 12th man and Legion of BOOM!

photo (12)


2.  Looking forward to going to the parade tomorrow.  Sunny and cold is the forecast!  Looks like we will adding a new tradition to our hot chocolate budget!!!

3.  Last Tuesday I got to hike with amazing friends.  Love that we can get together to chat otherwise we’d never see each other anymore.

at stans lookout (4 of 5)


We hiked Stan’s Overlook, near North Bend, WA – which had great views ..

at stans lookout (1 of 5)


and a bird that ever hung out long enough for us to get his picture…

at stans lookout (3 of 5)


3.  We have continued to introduce Becky to games that haven’t played in a while.  Risk was the game of choice.

She did quite well for her first time.

photo (13)


4.  I have started writing in my journal before bed again.  I did it for three years and then stopped about three years ago when I started keeping this blog.  I have really enjoyed looking back at my day and recognizing all that I have been blessed with each day.

5.  Friday and Saturday,  was spent sewing, see previous post.  I must say that Owen did  a great job of holding down the fort and encouraged me to sew.  I guess you could say that I had a sewing retreat in my own home.

6.  Saturday night and Sunday we had Stake Conference (meeting at my church).  We were privileged to have a visiting speaker.  He was amazing.  He is from Brazil and between his accent and his sense of humor, I truly enjoyed listening to him talk about the gospel.  Loved all that I learned.  I get a smile just thinking about it.

7.  This morning it is really really cold.  My phone does not like cold weather.  It froze up on me during my run.  That is how cold it was.

8.  I have been trying out crock pot meals this month (used my crockpot more in January – than the past few years combined).    Most my family has really liked.  I haven’t make the frozen meals yet, because I wanted to see if we liked the meal.  Once I know we like the meals, then I will try one frozen to see if we like it frozen.  Then I will have a huge meal making day and stuff my freezer with frozen meals.

Here is today’s ingredients ready to be cooked.

photo (14)


9.  Just finished up a photo a day challenge with a group of women from Sammamish on Facebook.  It was so much fun to see what they would come up with a one word prompt.  I loved getting to know them better.  I even found a new app that is very addicting.  Cross me color.  It is a Japanese crossword (using colors not letters) puzzle type game.  Give it a try – just warning you that only get the first 8 or so free.  Then you have to pay for the rest.  2nd app ever that I’ve paid for.

10.  Today is  my dad’s birthday.  I had lots of fun spending a few days with him a few weeks ago.  Sure love him lots!

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