Ten on Tuesday

1.  New goal this week that I am working on is to drink more water.  I have a juice bottle that I fill up every morning and the goal is to get through it prior to bed.  Hasn’t been too hard.   Last night when I asked Brock to get me some more water at dinner, he proceeded to fill up the water bottle more in order to trick me that I hadn’t finished it yet.  I have all the help I need around here!

2.  Life must be real good for the squirrels around these parts.  I offer up my burnt offering’s  (when I burn buns that I’m warming up – ie put in oven and forget them a bit too long) to the squirrels.  Usually by the next morning they are gone.  Not this time.  They were there the next day.  But a couple of days ago, Brock yells that this squirrel has a piece of pizza.  We waited for the squirrel to leave the tree and then went and looked.  Yep, Brock shook this pizza out of the tree.  How am I suppose to compete with pizza?

blog 2.11.14-19


3.  We had snow Saturday night.  Love snow here.  It comes – everyone slows down and then it melts within a day or so.

blog 2.11.14-20


4.  Not much else is going on here –  Owen and Brock are looking for jobs – hoping that this the week!

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.  – Super Bowl Parade.  Figured that would cover the last 6 items today..

Our original plan was for Owen and Brock to go down early, I’d put Brett on the bus for shcool and then Becky and I would catch a ride down.  Wednesday morning when Owen was getting ready around 5:45  – I knew if I waited to get Brett on the bus, we’d never make it with the crowds expected.  So what do you do?  Wake up everyone and we all head down together.    Did I mention that the temps were in the low 20’s with windchill around 11.

We left the house at 7am and traffic wasn’t too bad.

We parked at our favorite Seattle Parade parking spot – Seattle Library – (underground, aka warm and early bird rate of only $14.00 for the day – lets just say that many parking lots were no way close to this price).  We got out on the street at 7:45 and we were already the second row back from the curb.  One group in front had gotten there at 6am and the other had put out their chairs at 11pm the night before.

Owen and Brock headed off in search of Breakfast and Becky, Brett and I had set up shop.  Since we knew that we had parking right next to us, we brought plastic folding chairs.  They were wonderful – great support and gave us a barrier for the crowds that would stand behind us.  We got out the blankets and quilts and quickly activated the hot pockets for our hands and feet (double wool socks weren’t enough).

blog 2.11.14

We had lots of fun chating Sea  Hawks with the other parade goers.  While the street was still open, we had lots of fun watching all the vehicles which had come to show their support!  This was one of my favorite.

blog 2.11.14-2


When the kids got cold we’d take turns going back to the car to warm up.

super bowl parade


Crowds were light until 9 or 9:30 as you can see from above where there aren’t too many crazy people here yet.

By 10:45 we made the kids come back up to the seats since the crowds were increasing by the  moment.  Around noon, I stood up (another positive part of the chairs – Becky was able to stand the whole time the parade went by and was able to see – sorry people behind us).  This is what it looked like in our little section of the parade route.

blog 2.11.14-6 blog 2.11.14-5 blog 2.11.14-4


There was just enought room for a vehicle to come down the street.  When the parade got to us (1:15pm) we were so ready, tired and cold.  Lots of fun to be able to see everything up close and with only the row of 5 deep in the streets – all the people sitting in front of us had gone to the streets so we had a slightly elevated view.


Marshawn Lynch throwing out skittles to the crowds – at one point he was refilling his bag and threw the wrapper out and people we excited to get his garbage.

blog 2.11.14-8


Pete Carroll was having lots of fun with the crowd.


blog 2.11.14-10


Here are the rest of the photo’s.  Loved that they even had the trophy in the parade.

blog 2.11.14-9 blog 2.11.14-11 blog 2.11.14-12 blog 2.11.14-13 blog 2.11.14-14 blog 2.11.14-15 blog 2.11.14-16 blog 2.11.14-17 blog 2.11.14-18


Lots of fun after a very long wait!  We were able to get on the freeway quickly and head home.  Fun memory we now have as a family.

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