Adventure Tuesday – Ice Skating

I haven’t posted lots of Adventure Tuesday’s lately due to the fact that most of them are repeats.    A couple of weeks ago we did a new one.  We headed to SnowIce in Kirkland and were treated to an ice skating lesson.  Eva a good friend, once trained at the Olympic Training Center and she was oh so kind to give us a lesson.

What a difference a lesson makes.   I got on the ice realized that it had been a long long time since I hand’t skated with kids.  I felt a bit unsteady and hesitant.  I was surprised that I felt so aquward on skates.  I had taken lessons when I was 5 and 6 so why didn’t I still have it?

Eva had us do some basic core and balance warm ups on the ice.  Oh what a difference it makes.  She had us skaing with one leg up, spinning (even taught us how to become not dizzy any more after too much spinning), we worked on a small step jump, spirals and cross overs and working with the edges to go in a circle on one foot.   By the end of the hour, I was unstoppable – except maybe one time when I dug both front picks into the ice (then I was checking the temp of the ice).

So much fun with an amazing teacher and fun friends.  Can’t wait for tax season to be over (Eva is a Tax girl) so we can have another lesson.AT Ice Skating-2-2 AT Ice Skating-3-2 AT Ice Skating-4-2 AT Ice Skating-5-2 AT Ice Skating-6-2 AT Ice Skating-7-2 AT Ice Skating-8-2

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1 Response to Adventure Tuesday – Ice Skating

  1. Kindy says:

    You could win a gold with that smile! How fun!

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