Ten on Tuesday

1.  Valentines Day was great.  Owen and I headed to Red Mill Burger for my favorite hamburger and onion rings.  Love it.  That night we played volleyball and one of my friends made up shirts for a number of us to wear.

blog 2.25.14

The backs of our shirts were all different…

blog 2.25.14-2

2.  We had spring break the next week and we had fun staying here..  Monday Morning we went to New Day Northwest (day time talk show) and were in the audience.

Henry Winkler was on.  Such a great guy.  So passionate about kids and learning disabilities.  After the segment, he came off the couch to talk to the audience.

blog 2.25.14-4

Even was impressed with Becky’s friends boots..

blog 2.25.14-5

3.  Another guest on the show had won a gold and silver medal in Rowing.  We saw her in the parking lot after and she let the kids hold her medals.  I told them this is a once in a life time experience.  I have never seen or held one before and don’t expect that I will ever again.

blog 2.25.14-6

The countries get to pick what the back will look like – China added white jade to the back of each medal.

blog 2.25.14-7

4.  Monday afternoon we went to the Harlem Globetrotters.  Lets just say that Brett LOVED them.  There were times he was laughing so hard that his head was in his lap as his whole body shook.  We all had a great time and laughed a lot.

blog 2.25.14-8


5.  Wednesday we headed ice skating with the kids.  I forgot my camera card at home – but had the camera so I’ll have to get pictures from a friend who took pictures.  Becky did great and Brett was in heaven watching from the warm side of the glass with is Dr. Pepper and music.

6.  Thursday we headed to free museums in Tacoma in the afternoon evening.  We went to a history museum, art museum and glass blowing museum.

This is a 12th man statue that was carved after the Superbowl.

blog 2.25.14-9


The glass blowing was so much fun to watch after taking the class last summer so knowing how it felt to do the different parts that they were doing.



blog 2.25.14-10


7.  Lately when I’ve been running I can tell that spring is coming.  I have heard lots of birds and even a few geese.  This morning I was able to spot a few which flew past me and landed on the little pond.

blog 2.25.14-11


8.  Went to the shooting with Owen a couple of friends for the first time on Saturday.  It was very interesting and I was actually surprised that I could hit the target as well as I did.  Grateful to Brandon and Karla for the great instruction.

9.  Lesson on Sunday was great.  One quote that stood out was “As you lose your life in the service of Father in Heaven’s children.  Satan’s temptations lose power in your life – Richard G Scott”    I really liked this but, as I thought more about it the last couple of days I realized that so many of Satan’s temptations ( or our weaknesses) are selfish in nature.  That is why if we are serving others we don’t have time to be selfish, which in turn means that Satan’s temptations do lose their power.  Just thought I’d share my a ha moment with you all.

10.  Almost finished with a surprise quilt for a cute niece of mine and I got the fabric from Moda to make the quilt for them.  So excited.

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