Ten on Tuesday

1.  Some weeks it is amazing to see how much has happened in a week.   Last Tuesday we went shooting for Adventure Tuesday.   I was really happy I had gone on Sat, because this time I was MUCH more relaxed.  We had a great time, but then again we do that with whatever we do.

Here is all of us at the end.




here is a look at my target… yes I was the one shooting and it only took one round of 10 shots…

blog 3.4.14-1


And yes I did hang it on the fridge for a day or so..

blog 3.4.14-2


2.  Tuesday night was Brett’s last home game for Special Olympics.  How I love his school and friends…  His church group came to support him.  Once again he is so well loved!

spceial olympics 2.25.14-2

spceial olympics 2.25.14-7 spceial olympics 2.25.14-6 spceial olympics 2.25.14-5 spceial olympics 2.25.14-14


They announced all the players and they ran across the gym between two lines of cheerleaders.  They were in heaven before the game even started.

spceial olympics 2.25.14-3

Brett loves to play.  Here are a couple of shots of him getting a throw in.

spceial olympics 2.25.14-8spceial olympics 2.25.14-9spceial olympics 2.25.14-10spceial olympics 2.25.14-11


spceial olympics 2.25.14-12


My favorite part is that at the end .. They are all #1.  No one cares who won!

spceial olympics 2.25.14-15 spceial olympics 2.25.14-16 spceial olympics 2.25.14-17 spceial olympics 2.25.14-18


3.  Can’t believe she is 12.

.  becky 12

It seems like just a few years ago we were here…

0 becky -1


Love her dearly!!!!

Owen and Becky played hookie from School on her birthday afternoon.

4.  Saturday Owen and I headed down to Portland to go to our first NBA game in years.   Years for sure.  I remember once taking Brock and Lindsay to the Sonics and Owen thinks he went to a Sun’s game at some point.  We really enjoyed it.  Couple things that I noted and like:

  • crazy when 6’1″ looks short.  Both teams had at least 3 players each taller than 7′.
  • Players (on Portland or Denver) don’t play for long.  Most were 1 to 3 years.  Only a couple of people on each team had played more than 5 years.  10 years was the longest.
  • Never notice the guy who got to mop up sweat after three throws and when people fall on the ground.

blog 3.4.14-5 blog 3.4.14-4blog 3.4.14-6

5.  While in Portland, we did what any self respecting donut lover would do – we went to Voodoo Donuts.  They were cheaper and yummier than I had remembered.

blog 3.4.14-3


Some even made it home to the kids.

6.  Lesson in church on Sunday talked about ways to be a better mom.  It was great to get the wisdom from parents who I love and admire.  Have lots of new ideas of how to be a better mom.

7.  Owen has a JOB!!!  Happy and so thankful for that.

8.  I have been doing a photo challenge with  my family.  It has been so fun.  Loved how this picture of “Light” turned out.



It is hole in Brett’s shade created by a Nerf gun dart.  So fun to see how something can look so much better when it is taken out of context.

9.  Went to a funeral today of an amazing women.  She lived a great life and influenced all around her.  My favorite description of her was that she was a great fisherwomen.  Once she laughed she just reeled you in.  Life was always fun when you were with her.

10.  Total random healthier eating tip I’m trying today.  I LOVE chocolate covered raisin’s.  My latest trick is only eat 5 per hour  (afternoon are my hardest time).  So far I am still following my rule.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear that I am not the only one that suffers in the afternoon…or a better way to say, I am weakest in the afternoon.

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