Moving Rooms

Growing up moving rooms was something that happened every 6 months or so.  It was always fun in a family of 9 kids to see who was going to be your new roomie for the next 6 months of so (once you were in High School you got your own room).  For some reason, my older sister, Kim and I never shared rooms together that I can remember.  Maybe that is why now we are such great friends.

So there was movement going on in the rooms  in our home.  Brett decided that after 3+ years of sleeping downstairs (that move was prompted by his hip reconstruction surgery and stairs were not an option at that point) that he wanted to be back up with everyone else upstairs.  This left the downstairs bedroom/office up for grabs and grab I did!  My sewing room has been quite the transient lately.  It has been in 2 rooms twice, 1 room once so hopefully it’s 6th and final move is to be downstairs.  I have loved a couple things about this move.

  • When the kids have gone to bed, we don’t feel like we have to whisper to keep from waking them up.  Works great unless you are watching Bill Cosby on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  That will wake up your kids upstairs.
  • I can be downstairs sewing with the door open and feel like I am so much more connected with all that is going downstairs.  I don’t feel like I am away from the action.
  • I can come and sew early and not wake anyone up.
  • I have a huge window to look out and let the light in right by my machine.
  • I have a huge wall to hang up the quilts to look at. (can’t post that wall just yet, because one quilt is a surprise for a great friend who reads this blog and the other is quilt that is going to be on Moda Bake Shop soon!!!!)

So without further delay…

Meet my new favorite place in my house.

sewing room-1

sewing room-2

Here is a sneak peak at the different project’s I’m working on right now.

sewing room-3

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3 Responses to Moving Rooms

  1. karenscott24 says:

    congrats with the new room. We told our kids they could pick colors for rooms when we move etc. they are all so excited. Chris has banned the color Drew picked for his bedroom. The room looks great! I just want to know how long it took you to collect all your “bins” you use on the top shelf of your closet.

    • Kris says:

      I have worked very hard to collect those bins on the top shelf. I have suffered through many many chocolate covered raisins. I would say I have collected for the last year and a halfish?

  2. Vicki says:

    It looks awesome, so glad you have that space!

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