Ten on Tuesdsay

1.  It has been crazy busy around here.  As I try to cut back on activities so that I can have more time, it seems like all that time has been filled and more with things I had never planned on.

2.  Got a chance to go to a Sounders game with Brock.  It was great and in the last 30 seconds of the game we SCORED!!!!!!!  Love the Sounders and fun to go with Brock.

blog 4.22.14-1


3.  Brett went to his first dance at school.  TOLO  The kids in his class went as a group and this is some of them with peer tutors at Red Robin prior to the dance.  He loved it and LOVES dances.


blog 4.22.14-2


4.  Spring Break fun – Brett and Becky’s time spent together the pictures tell it all.

blog 4.22.14-15

blog 4.22.14-16

blog 4.22.14-17blog 4.22.14-18


5.  Becky got to go to the temple for the first time.

blog 4.22.14-4


6.  Brett added cooking bacon to his cooking skills.

blog 4.22.14-5

7.  Love Spring


8.  Becky’s 13 step pyramid from sugar cubes – we know lots of ways not to make it.  Finally found the way to make it!

blog 4.22.14-7


9.  Date night with Owen

blog 4.22.14-9


10.  Lots of sewing going on …

Totes for a great cause.  MJLostCauses  Many were made by my amazing friend Barb.

blog 4.22.14-8

working on a quilt to donate to the Fisher House in Seattle with the young women at church.  They did great –  many it was their first time to sew…  Will post a picture when it is complete.

blog 4.22.14-19


organized my scraps by colors – yes Karen I really did need all those jars..

photo (28)

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