Adventure Tuesday – Rattlesnake Hike, North Bend WA

I have heard about this hike for a number of years and we were able to get it scheduled in this year.  It is AMAZING!  Highly recommended.  It isn’t too long (4 miles round trip).  It isn’t too steep (but steep enough to feel like you got a bit of a workout in.  Elevation gain 1,160ft).  The views are incredible!!!!!  Best of all – no parking pass needed to hike this hike.

AT rattlesnake ledge 2014-7

AT rattlesnake ledge 2014-10


Was surprised that even with a cloudy/slight rainy day we had great views.

AT rattlesnake ledge 2014-6

We had a chance to chat with a real hiker.  He told about hiking across England – 200  miles.

AT rattlesnake ledge 2014-4


Here is a link to a write up on this hike by WA Trails Association.  I think this has been added to the annual hikes for sure.

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