Amazing Race Sammamish Style – May 26, 2014

We had another great Amazing Race. This was our 3rd one which we did for family on Memorial Day.  It fun to put all the clues together and then interesting to see how quick or slow they complete them.

This year we had 11 families racing and 3 families volunteering at the different activitiesamaziing race blog-1.

We had two categories:

  1. Teams with their youngest child 6 or older.
  2. Teams with their youngest child 5 or younger.

Here were the rules we had:


  • Teams must stay together
  • If a child under 3 is sleeping in a car seat, one adult may remain with the child in the car while the remaining team members complete the activity.
  • At some locations, you may need to search for a clue upon arriving at the location. In these cases, the clues will be found inside a large white envelope. Please only take one clue for your team.
  • Please read clues carefully
  • Today is Memorial Day. While racing, please remember that others may be observing the holiday differently than you. Be respectful and reverent and kind.
  • If more than one team arrives at an activity, and the activity only allows one team at a time to attempt it, you will take turns attempting the activity.

We try to start off the race with some sort of activity which will spread out the teams.

Clue #1 – Name 7 movies that were quoted in the email invitation.   When we wrote the initial email (which was included on all emails to them about the race), we put in 8 different movie quotes.

If they didn’t have a copy of the email we did give them a copy.


Once they had gotten at least 7 movies, the were given their next quote:


Clue #2 – Find your way to Pine Lake Park and look for your next clue.

LOCATION #2 – Pine Lake Park  

Once here they had to look around to find their next clue – our clue box was white envelop tacked to a park sign.


“Minute to Win It” challenge

This is a Detour.  You have to complete only ONE of the two Tasks.

You will have one minute to complete the task.

Option 1:  Fill the jar with water

Take water from a cup with a straw and using the straw fill up a jar to the line.


amaziing race blog-4

amaziing race blog-5

amaziing race blog-6


Option 2:  Use a ball to knock over bottles

Put a pair of tights on your head with a ball in the end of the leg.  You must knock down a row of water bottles using the ball without using your hands to touch any part of the tights.

amaziing race blog-3 amaziing race blog-2

NOTE: I had used a pair of my tights.  I tested on me and didn’t have a problem.  Didn’t try it on a kid.  The tights were a bit too long since kit was only kids who did this challenge, they did great.

After completing the challenge successfully,  they got their next clue below.

Clue #4 – Congratulations, You took less than a minute.  Travel to the Issaquah Post Office to find your next clue.

LOCATION #3 – Issaquah Post Office:

Upon arrival, teams will look for and find Clue #5 –

Count all the PO Boxes in the post office –   Put your count on the card and hand it to Kris for verification.  Once you have the correct number, you will receive your next clue.

This was my favorite, but the racer’s least favorite.   I liked it because they had to work for it and just because you got there first did not mean you were leaving first.  It worked great to have it on Memorial Day when the PO was closed – so there weren’t many people checking their PO Boxes.

amaziing race blog-7 amaziing race blog-9 amaziing race blog-8


Clue #6 –

Memorial Day is a great day to remember those who have served our country to give us the freedom we have.  Travel to Fall City Cemetery to find your next clue.

LOCATION #4 – Fall City Cemetary

Upon Arrival, Teams will Find Clue #7 at the cemetery:

The Names of three military veterans are listed below. Each one of them is buried and has a gravestone in this cemetery. Your task is to find one of the three graves and write down the Year of Birth, Year of Death, which war they fought in, and which branch of the military he served in.

Please remember to be respectful while you are in the cemetery.  No running, shouting, or playing around.

amaziing race blog-11


Receive Clue #8 after the cemetery:

Your next stop on your tour is Perrigo Park in Redmond.

LOCATION #5 – Perrigo Park Redmond

CLUE #9 – This Task is a Road Block

Who loves Honey Nut Cheerios?

You must select the person from your team who will do this task now, before opening the remaining portion of the clue.


The team member you selected now must find the cup that has a star printed on the inside.  To do this, You must pick a cup of cheerios, eat the whole cup of cheerios and if there is a star on the bottom, you can get your next clue.  If not, you must pick another cup and eat the entire contents.  Continue until you get a cup with a star on the bottom.

A teammate can be swapped for another teammate once they have eaten the Cheerios from at least the number of cups as they are old (max of 16).

amaziing race blog-10amaziing race blog-12

The most a team had to eat was 6 cups.  That was plenty.  If I did it again or you do it, make the limit 1/2 your age or max of 8.


Receive Clue #10 after completing the task at Perrigo Park:

Head to American Eagle in Redmond Town Center.  You will sing the national anthem for the Amazing Race volunteer sitting right outside the store as a team.  Have your photo taken.

LOCATION #6 – American Eagle

amaziing race blog-13
Loved the enthusiasm!  One team did it triple speed.

Receive Clue #11 after singing the song.

Now you have a sweet tooth.  On foot, head to the Sweet Factory and buy ¼ lb. of your favorite candy.  Do not eat it yet.  You will need it later in the race.  Then, travel to Grass Lawn Park to find your next clue at the top of the tallest tower.

 LOCATION #7 Grass Lawn Park

Clue #12 – located on top of the tallest tower.

You have scaled a great tower – now you have a detour ahead.

This is a Detour.  You have to complete only ONE of the two Tasks.


Option 1:  $2.00 in change

Select one team member to do this task. They will be blindfolded. They will then search through a bowl of cooked spaghetti, and extract exactly $2.00 USD, in coins, while blindfolded.

Two teams at a time may be searching within the same bowl.



Option 2:  Play 21

In this task, you must throw a beanbag into a set of ringed targets to score points. You will have 6 tosses and must score Exactly 21 points using all six tosses. If the beanbag is touching a line, the higher point value will be scored.  If you do not score exactly 21 points in exactly six tosses, you must get back in line and another member of your team may try again.  Each member of the team must take a turn before a member can repeat an attempt.


I didn’t have pictures of teams doing this event because volunteers were busy.  What we learned.

  • Cooked spaghetti after a couple of people put their hands in it gets really really gross.  Either have fresh spaghetti or try something else or just have them do it blind folded.
  • For the targets – 15 feet away from the target was a bit too much.  10 feet away – much better.

Receive Clue #13

Travel to x SE xth Street, Sammamish, WA  – Park on the street. Follow the driveway to the house, then walk along the left side of the house to approach the lake.  The activity will be Stand-Up Paddle boarding. One team member will be required to perform this task.


LOCATION # 8 – friends home

They had to paddleboard out to the floating dock in the middle of the lake and get a glow stick from the volunteers on the dock.  Then they had to bring it back to the volunteer on the shore.  If they dropped it, they had to go back and get another one.

Again no pictures since I wasn’t there.  They did have fun!


After Paddleboarding, Receive Clue #14 :

On your way to Beaver Lake Pavilion, Stop by a store and get a half pint or a one pint carton of half and half. You will need this for your next activity.

Location #9 – Beaver Lake Park Pavilion:

On Arrival, find Clue #15

Make your ice cream by following the instructions on the poster.  Have the judge determine when your ice cream creation is acceptable. (Frozen enough, etc.)  Once it has been passed off by the judge, mix in your candy (from the sweet shop) and eat the ice cream from the bag.  When your team has eaten the ice cream, and the judge has approved, get your next clue.

amaziing race blog-26amaziing race blog-27amaziing race blog-17amaziing race blog-15

Loved it when Mom’s were trying to encourage their kids to eat more ice cream.  How often does that happen in life.

Clue #16

Go find Owen at the pit stop (also within Beaver Lake Park). The 1st team to arrive is the winner!

LOCATION #10 – Pit Stop

amaziing race blog-31 amaziing race blog-28 amaziing race blog-25 amaziing race blog-24 amaziing race blog-23 amaziing race blog-19 amaziing race blog-20 amaziing race blog-21 amaziing race blog-22 amaziing race blog-16 amaziing race blog-14

Last year we had a suggestion from a family to have some sort of activities for the kids to do once they finished.  So this year we brought the water balloon launchers and a tennis ball and a bat.

The kids loved taking turns “helping” each other launch the tennis ball.  Owen did a great job hitting the tennis ball across the field (no picture – you’ll have to take my word for it).

amaziing race blog-30 amaziing race blog-29


We had a great time!  Thanks to everyone who came to participate and help!

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