Adventure Tuesday – Little Si Hike, North Bend WA

We headed to North Bend to hike this 5 mile round trip hike.

It was a cool crisp day and was perfect hiking weather.

The hike was much more technical than most we have done – meaning lots of rocks, tree roots to step on, over and around.  Loved all the trees and boulders which have fallen off Little Si.

at little si-16 at little si-15 at little si-13

at little si-12


There were a group of women who were hiking also.  They are part of a group from Olympia who hike every Tuesday and Thursday.  Their group has been going for 32.  With only 3 years almost under our belt at Adventure Tuesday’s looks like we have a long life ahead of us.

at little si-10 at little si-9

Here we are with Mt Si behind us.

at little si-7


Facing the other direction with North Bend behind us.

at little si-8

Here is the view from the top.


at little si-6  at little si-4 at little si-3 at little si-2


Good hike.  Not to hard, but the scenery is different than most the hikes around with the dense woods and huge moss covered boulders.

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