Ten on Tuesday

1. Playing catch up!  Becky has been doing lots of fun things with her hair lately thanks to Pinterest and our neighbor.

tot 6.10.14-1

2.  I tried my hand at a fruit cake off Pinterest.

tot 6.10.14-2

3.  I have been spending more time now than in a long long time going through the attic, garage and rooms trying to get rid of stuff that we don’t need any longer.  I had a pallet in the garage.  I looked on Pinterest and found amazing things I could make.  A swing, a chair, side tables, coffee tables, etc.  I actually found the best use ever for a pallet – as a garden tool holder.

tot 6.10.14-3

Best part it It looks just like it did on Pinterest (no nailed it pictures needed).  All you have to do it put it against the wall.  My kind of Pinterest project.  I promise that is my last Pinterest inspired one.

4.  I had the chance to take photo’s for another Honor Flight.  So much fun to be around these amazing men and women.  Here a couple of my favorites.

tot 6.10.14-9 tot 6.10.14-8 tot 6.10.14-7

5.  My car hit 100,000 miles.

tot 6.10.14-10

6.  Brett’s dreams have been coming true.  We were at Redmond Town Center trying to get things set up for the Amazing Race and they were having a exotic car show.  So much money was lining the street it was crazy.  Brett has been dreaming and looking at pictures of white Lamborghini’s for months now.  Lucky him – There was his car on the street.

tot 6.10.14-6

tot 6.10.14-4


I love this one…

tot 6.10.14-5

7.  Another dream of Brett’s has come true.  He got to drive a jet ski.  We were told he was fast and LOVED bouncing over the waves.   He is counting down the days til he can go on it again.

brett on jet ski


8.  I went hiking with my good friend.  We hiked Mt. Si.  It is a 8  mile round trip with a vertical elevation gain of 3,779.    It was a good hike and my calves let me know the next couple of days.  The views were amazing!  So worth the hike.

photo 4 photo 3 (2) photo (2) - Copy

9.  Saturday  night we got to play softball with a number of families.  It was so fun.  I don’t think I have hit a softball in a game setting for 20+ years.  We have added this to our Saturday night activities (taking the place of the bowling league).  We now alternate one week volleyball and the next week is softball.  So much fun!  Get our friends together and play some ball.

softball-3 softball-4 softball-7

10.   We have been blessed so much in the past month.  I would be very ungrateful if I didn’t mention how often blessing and tender mercies have happened in our lives.  It is truly remarkable how much we are loved and watched over.  Thank you to all how have made a difference in our lives and you probably don’t know you have blessed us so much.

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