Ten on Tuesday

  1.  I have learned the power of small and simple steps and 15/30 minutes time chunks.  I have been working on weeding my yard.  Believe me when I say that I have lots of weeds.  As I have been putting the list of to do’s on my white board, I have put down 30 minutes outside every day.  I have been doing it.  At the beginning, I was checking my phone for the countdown hoping that it would be done soon.  The first couple of times my progress was so small.  As I have been doing it for about a month now, I am still a long ways from being done, but I don’t find myself dreading this 30 minutes of my day.  In fact when the timer goes off, I figure I’ll finish up the section or keep going til I fill up the small bucket with weeds one more time.  I love to look outside or walk up to my front door and see it becoming more and more weed free.  I am not saying that I like gardening, but I do like to see progress.

Before example:

blog 5.6.14-9

After (notice the foliage is not near the bird bath:photo

2.   My days are quite simple lately, with Brock using my car to get to work most days.  I sew, clean, weed, laundry and work on family history.  I am able to spend time with good friends – walking, running or chatting.  I like this simpler life.

3.  Started a new one day a week job last Wednesday.  It is for a small company.  4 hours a week.  Just what I am looking for.  Enough to keep myself in the market, but not taking over my life.

4.  Finished this quilt for a cute baby girl who is joining Owen’s uncle’s family.  Best part is that I was able to make it using my stash.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

5.  Last Adventure Tuesday was last Tuesday.  We are off for the summer.  Last hurrah was kayaking in South Lake Union.   We used a different location this time and had fun spending some time in Portage Bay.  Love spending time with these amazing women.  at kayaking 2014-1 at kayaking 2014-4 at kayaking 2014-6 at kayaking 2014-13 at kayaking 2014-16


6.  Played Volleyball on Sat night.  So fun to see the progress of so many people from when we started in December.

7.  Today is Brett’s last day of school and Becky’s is tomorrow.  Bring on summer!  So looking forward to not having to wake Brett up at 6am til September.

8.  Owen is amazing.  I love how he can make me laugh and keeps my always feeling loved.

9.  I have a couple more quilting projects in the works.   Love to see how they are all coming together.  Happy to take requests – you just need to provide the fabric!

10 .  I love summer with all the fruit choices we have.  Bing Cherries just got cheap enough to buy and oh how I love them.

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