Ten on Tuesday

1.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Summer.   How I love the summer time.  I love not having a bus arriving at 6:40am.  I love the chance to sleep in or wake up.  I love spending time with my kids.

2.  This summer we have started something new.  We’ll see if it makes it longer than the standard 1 or so.  I put up a list on the whiteboard for Brett of jobs and things he needs to do.  It was been so fun to watch him get up and listen to music for a bit and then put his headphones on and walk around doing his jobs listening to music.  I have to keep thinking of harder and harder jobs because he is doing these with ease.  Becky is doing great working on her list each day.  The best part is that the TV is not on very often and when it is it is mostly Brett and Becky playing the Wii.

photo 1


3.  Saw this on the back of a car on Saturday and had to share it with you all.

photo 4

4.  I am still working in my yard.  I am thinking this will be a summer long project.  Now when I walk on the grass (loosely used), I see lots of moss and weeds.  Small steps, small steps I keep telling myself.

5.  We have been going on a walk everyday.  Usually to the store or the park.  Monday we headed to the park and Brett got to fishing.  Let’s just say that he has been spoiled on his previous fishing trips with Uncle Bryant and fishing derby.  Beautiful day!

photo 3


Loved the ducks and their babies as we fished.

photo 2

6.  Lots of fun having a birthday lunch for a good friend and with amazing women.  I am so lucky to have great friends here.

7.  I have been doing a 1/2 marathon training plan to train for Hood to Coast.  I have been running longer and faster than I have in a long long time.  Great to see that my body can still to do it.  Hoping that the times start dropping at some point.  I do love it when it tells me to run slow.  I have that pace down.

8.  When I run out of quilting projects (that never really happens, but want to do a quick block).  I make one of the 100 options in a book of 100 modern quilt blocks.  It is fun to use up scraps and some day I’ll have a huge quilt.  Here is one of the blocks.


9.  The first three hours today with one child was like groundhog day.  This child lost the use of his electronic devise last night.  All I heard this morning was “I want my xxxxx (fill in the device name).  It didn’t matter what I said or did – same question kept coming.  By some miracle – once this child took a shower.  Life has been normal.  But I think I heard the phrase at least 200 times this morning.

10.  We have been continued to be blessed.  It is amazing to watch Heavenly Father’s plan for us take shape.  So grateful.

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