Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been a great summer!  With weather like this who can complain.


blog 7.1.14-1

2.  It is a miracle.  The jobs are still happening and we are on week 2.   Love this sight of Brett each and every morning.

blog 7.1.14-5-2


3.  My children have decided that just asking me to make something for dinner doesn’t work so they have taken to Facebook to ask me to make them certain things for dinner.  Here is the first – rolled lasagna rolls.  They were quite tasty.

blog 7.1.14-4

blog 7.1.14-3


4.  Becky has started a 6 week summer learning course,Brain Chase.  Our friends told us about it.  They have to do math, reading, writing and other activities each week.    It stated out with Becky getting a decoder ring in the mail.  It is really cool and she uses it to help her solve the clues.  There is a box buried under a rose bush somewhere in the world.  The first to pinpoint it within 2 miles on a map, gets to fly there with a parent and dig it up.  It has a $10,000.00 scholarship, plus a cool trip.  Becky is having lots of fun and we are hoping that we win!!!

blog 7.1.14-2


5.  Saturday morning I tried out a downhill run to get me prepared for Hood to Coast (I’m running leg 1).  This is the view from the top of the Issq Highlands.


I loved running downhill.  Effort wasn’t much at all to go much faster than I have done in the last few years.  Only downside we my calves which were so tight Sat-today.  I walked yesterday and went out for a very slow jog this morning.  Good thing I have 2 months to get myself ready for the race (and the two other legs that I get to run after the downhill).

6.  Love this view of Brett – his vocal cords are getting lots of practice.

blog 7.1.14-1

7.  Owen started his new job this week for a company based in Boston.  So excited for him and it has been amazing to see how blessed we have been in this whole process.

8.  I have found my happy place.  I know when I need to go just to smile.  My friend’s fabric stash.  Oh the joy of just looking at all the fun fabric!

9.  My new job,  4 hours a week is perfect.  I like having so much time to be with the kids this summer.

10.  Can’t wait for next week.   Family reunion time in Top Sail Island, NC with my family.  Oh to sit on a beach and boogie board for a week.  HEAVEN!!!!

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