Twin Boy Nautical Quilts

My good friends daughter is having twin boys.  I knew that her nursery was going to be nautical themed.  I saw a quilt which used the alphabet flags for boats as the theme so knew I wanted to do that.

quilts b-9 quilts b-8




quilts b-10


Had fun with the chevron print for the quilt back.

quilts b-11


Wanted to make a second quilt, but that would be the same but different.  Came up with the alphabet (same) in Morse code.  So each letter is a different material.  Lots of fun but turned out a bit longer and skinnier than I had expected.  Should be a great race track someday!






quilts b-12


I kept the back the same but with a slightly different color for the chevron.

quilts b-13

Now to sit back and wait for those cute babies to come!

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2 Responses to Twin Boy Nautical Quilts

  1. Diana Parnell says:

    Do you have a pattern for your Twin Boy Nautical Quilt (alphabet design)? I would like to make one for my son-in law. Love your quilt.

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