Ten on Tuesday

1. Summer is over and the kids are back at school so I have no more excuses why not to post. We have had a great summer. Yesterday I posted all the quilts I made this summer. Have more that I’m working on. Will try to be more regular with my postings.


2.  Will catch up on a few activities we did during the summer.  Surry Bikes on Alki Beach – this time we brought Brock along with us.  Love the Seattle Skyline.

blog 9.9.14-2


blog 9.9.14-3

blog 9.9.14-4


3.  Visits from our favorite people.  Robin and Jana Bell!  We miss you guys!


  blog 9.9.14-6 blog 9.9.14-5


4.  I tried a new diet.  It is an app called DietBet.  You bet money that you can lose 4% in 28 days.  I discovered that money is a huge motivator.  I didn’t change what I ate, but had the self control to stop snacking from 3-8pm.  Liked it so much just signed up for my second.

5.  Hood to Coast was amazing!

View from the start of my first leg..

blog 9.9.14-9

6.  View from the start of my second leg.

blog 9.9.14-11

7.  View looking towards the start of my third leg at 2:30am

blog 9.9.14-12

8.  Finish Line with my team.  This is our 9th year running together.  3rd Hood to Coast.

blog 9.9.14-14 blog 9.9.14-10


9.  New Day Northwest with the kids.

blog 9.9.14-8 blog 9.9.14-7

10.  First day of school and first Seahawks game day photos.

blog 9.9-3 blog 9.9-2 blog 9.9-1


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