Ten on Tuesday

1.  Life has been busy.   I haven’t made much time for blogging.   Will try to do a mass catch up on all that we’ve been doing.

2.  Owen has jumped back into Microsoft and has hit the ground running.  No honeymoon period, he is back and busy.  Mostly importantly he is happy and loves his job.  Which makes the rest of us happy!

3.  I have been staying very busy with a couple of different things.  Adventure Tuesday’s are back up and in full steam.  We have had a lot of new women this year and our number have grown.  Lots of new friends to do things with!

We have hiked…

blog 10.28.14a-4

blog 10.28.14a-5

rowed on Lake Sammamish …

blog 10.28.14a-8 blog 10.28.14a-11 blog 10.28.14a-10 blog 10.28.14a-9 blog 10.28.14a-12

hiked some more..

blog 10.28.14-4

biked along the Sammamish River Trail, ate lunch and biked back…

blog 10.28.14-6 blog 10.28.14-7

4.  I have had the chance to photograph the departure and arrival’s for Puget Sound Honor Flight.  Love spending time with these WWII vets and their families…

blog 10.28.14-3

These are 2 brothers and 2 brother-in-laws who all served in different branches of the military and they were going on the trip together.

blog 10.28.14a-7 blog 10.28.14-5

blog 10.28.14-2


5.  Brock has been making sure that the social activities in the Bellevue/Sammamish area haven’t dropped off once many of the summer kids left for school.

6.  Lindsay is working hard and we love seeing her when we get the chance.

7.  Brett was so excited to go to his homecoming dance.  He was very particular about what he wanted to wear.  He wanted a bow tie, (we talked him into a vest vs a tux jacket), black pants and black church shoes were very important.   His class met at Red Robin for dinner and then they took them to the school for the dance.  Brett danced until they turned off the music at 11pm.  He can’t wait for the next dance.

photo 2 (3)

8.  The bowling tournament is this coming weekend.   Basketball starts after Thanksgiving and he is very excited for it to start.  He was even practing shooting his basketball into a box last night to get ready for the season.

9.  Outdoor soccer is wrapping up for Becky next weekend.  They have had a great season and she is signed up for indoor soccer which starts next weekend also.  School is going great for her and she has a piano recital in a couple of weeks.

10.  Owen and Kris have been playing lots of volleyball and enjoying it a lot.  Lastly I’ll add a couple of pictures of random things that have been happening around here.

My first outdoor Halloween decoration in a long time.

blog 10.28.14a-6

Double rainbow in the sky the other day..

photo 4 (2)

New license plates that just so happen to have my college on them.  Looking forward to what happens on June 3rd (06/03).

photo 3 (3)

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