Something on Sunday

I realized that Tuesday are busy days and thinking of 10 things isn’t happening very often, so in an effort to post more often here’s to Something on Sunday.

Rather than try to recap the past few month’s, we’ll just start with with this past week and go forward.

Tuesday was Curling with Adventure Tuesday.  I love Curling. If you have a Curling club close I highly recommend you going.  You will NOT be disappointed.

at curling 2015-98 at curling 2015-105

Brett had basketball games on Thursday and Saturday.  Love how much he is improving.

special olympics basketball-3

He is actually trying to get involved on defense.  Here is a photo of his hand reaching in to try to steal a basketball.

special olympics basketball-15

This is huge.  He use to stand at mid court and direct traffic.

He even got to be one to jump at the start of the game.

special olympics basketball-12

Love Special Olympic Basketball games.

Loved having the chance to go out with Owen last night and spend time with him.  Sure love him and getting the chance to get away from it all with him.  Saw this quote which sums up how I feel about Owen – “Your pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever.”

Working on a Quilt for Lindsay now.  24 blocks down:  only 62 more to go!

IMG_4432 IMG_4435

I have never felt so  many different emotions during a football game today.   But oh the joy at the end!!


I have loved spending more time at home (not working is the greatest gift).  Thankful for it in my life.  Love all that I can cross off my to-do-list each day.    I am trying to do something from each of these area’s  most days:  Quilting, Family History, Adventure Tuesday’s, running, organizing my home, spending time with friends, trying to learn Spanish, reading Monument’s Men (a book I know crazy for me) and finally being around and really trying to spend time with the kids when they are home.  How I love it all.

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying life!

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2 Responses to Something on Sunday

  1. Vicki says:

    Cool quilt! Where’s the pattern from?

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