Quilts that I’ve made in the last few months

I am not great a posting pictures here of the quilts I make, mostly because when I finish them I am giving them away and I don’t want to post prior to the gifting.  When I do gift them, I am not thinking about blogging about it.  So here goes that ones I’ve haven’t added to this blog.

I love V and Co fabric’s if you haven’t noticed and she has come out with color books.  I have found some great quilts/pillows to make from the books:

This quilt was in Vannesa Christensen’s Simply Color Yellow book, but made it using the apple green bakers dozen from Sister’s Quilters.  It was made as gender neutral baby quilt for an amazing new first time mom.






This has become my go to bridal shower gift – made into a pillow, but somehow I never remember to get a picture of the finished pillow.  It is also from the Simply Color Red book.

IMG_4494 (1)


This was also a baby blanket and the picture is not great, but is was so cute.  Little hearts that were green and purple.  This was from Simply Color Red book.



IMG_4534 (1)


This next quilt was made the the young women in our church group for their leader who was moving.  Each girl made a block and I loved how it turned out.  I am hoping to get a tutorial written about to make it, but my guess is it will not happen til September when the kids are back in school.



This last picture is a table runner which I made for a dear friend for July 4th and backed it with my newest Quilt which will be up on the blog I am hoping this week if I can get it written up this week.  Quilt is ready to go, just need to finish writing it up.

IMG_5293 IMG_5292


Hope you are all doing great.


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