National Ice Cream Day Taste Challenge

In Honor of National Ice Cream Day we decided to have an Ice Cream Taste Contest.  My sisters in AZ do this as an annual Father’s Day Tradition so we decided to copy them on National Ice Cream day.

We invited a few friends over and here is a look at the participants.

aug 2015-1


I had bought 6 different types of ice cream.  The rule was that they got one point per ice cream.  They could get partial credit if they guessed only part of the title. (ie. Mint Brownie – if they got mint 1/2 point or if they got Brownie they got 1/2 point – had to have full name Mint Brownie to get 1 point).

Each was blind folded.  Yes, Scott on the front right did cover his eye once there was ice cream in front of him.

Each was given and small cup with a scoop of ice cream in it.  They each got to taste each ice cream.

aug 2015-3 aug 2015-5 aug 2015-4

Once all the cups had been collected they could take off their bandannas and write down their answer.  We found that water was needed between the rounds to help cleanse their pallets.  🙂

In the end, after the 6 rounds of ice cream and lots of funny guesses…. we had one winner with 3 1/2 points and then we had three who each had 3 points….

Who was it you ask???

aug 2015-1-2


BECKY!!!!!!  She had the most right.  That girl has serious skills!!!

ps.  Carmel is tough to guess.  Also note to self – look at more than the title to make sure that you know what you are serving.

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