Adventure Tuesday 2014-2015

Had so much fun with all these amazing ladies.

Til September when we start all over again.

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Pompeii Mosaic Medallion Quilt

I am featured on Moda Bake Shop for my new quilt pattern, Pompeii Mosaic Medallion Quilt.

IMG_4930 IMG_4932 IMG_4933

Love how this turned out.  It was lots of fun to create and watch come together.

Here is a link n Moda Bake Shop today.

Hope you have a great day!

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Something on Sunday

It has been a great week.  I am learning that having less things on my schedule makes life so much more enjoyable.  I am still busy, but doing things that are helping me to reach my goals.  Love feeling like I’m making progress.

I was able to hike one of my favorite trails with these amazing friends.  I am truly blessed to be have them in my life.


Made delicious brownies with Brett – Love the pans Edith that let me have 4 edges on each brownie slice.


A good friend who is moving offered her freezer to us – which promoted some much needed cleaning in the garage.  Why do I always forget to take the before photos (probably I don’t want to remember how crazy it looks).  Here are a few photo’s of the changes in the garage.  Fridge was moved and freezer was moved nexted to it.  Storage shelves were moved to where the fridge was.



Lots of sewing happened this week.

Finished the teal blocks for Lindsay’s quilt..


My quilting teacher, Vickie created a 12th man pattern – which became a pillow and a quilt.



I have been trying to replace the kids window covering –  I was trying to find fun curtains with pops of color.  Could find any.  Turns out I was looking in the wrong aisle.  Shower curtains are where all the fun patterns are.  So if you don’t want to have them hang on the floor and don’t mind fun tops – that is the place to get your curtains.

Becky’s with white ribbon tabs.

IMG_4456 IMG_4455

Brett’s with twine at the top (if I was going to do it over – I’d get thicker twine )


Played Volleyball last night for the first time in a couple of months.  Lots of fun – slightly rusty, but loved it.

My running has been coming along.  I finished a 5k program (that was to  make sure I didn’t run too much too soon).  Now starting on a 10K program.  I come home each day thinking – “I love running”

Found out some amazing news Friday morning in my email.  My shark tooth quilt is going to Quilt Con (modern quilt convention in Austin) to be in the Moda Bake Shop booth.  WOW is all I can say.

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Something on Sunday

I realized that Tuesday are busy days and thinking of 10 things isn’t happening very often, so in an effort to post more often here’s to Something on Sunday.

Rather than try to recap the past few month’s, we’ll just start with with this past week and go forward.

Tuesday was Curling with Adventure Tuesday.  I love Curling. If you have a Curling club close I highly recommend you going.  You will NOT be disappointed.

at curling 2015-98 at curling 2015-105

Brett had basketball games on Thursday and Saturday.  Love how much he is improving.

special olympics basketball-3

He is actually trying to get involved on defense.  Here is a photo of his hand reaching in to try to steal a basketball.

special olympics basketball-15

This is huge.  He use to stand at mid court and direct traffic.

He even got to be one to jump at the start of the game.

special olympics basketball-12

Love Special Olympic Basketball games.

Loved having the chance to go out with Owen last night and spend time with him.  Sure love him and getting the chance to get away from it all with him.  Saw this quote which sums up how I feel about Owen – “Your pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever.”

Working on a Quilt for Lindsay now.  24 blocks down:  only 62 more to go!

IMG_4432 IMG_4435

I have never felt so  many different emotions during a football game today.   But oh the joy at the end!!


I have loved spending more time at home (not working is the greatest gift).  Thankful for it in my life.  Love all that I can cross off my to-do-list each day.    I am trying to do something from each of these area’s  most days:  Quilting, Family History, Adventure Tuesday’s, running, organizing my home, spending time with friends, trying to learn Spanish, reading Monument’s Men (a book I know crazy for me) and finally being around and really trying to spend time with the kids when they are home.  How I love it all.

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying life!

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Shark Tooth Quilt

Today I am featured on Moda Bake Shop with my latest quilt pattern called Shark Tooth.

Shark Tooth Title Quilt -

This quilt was inspired by my friend who was trying to help her daughter who had purchased material was purchased a few years ago to make a triangle quilt.  She brought me strips of triangles sewed together and asked me to help.  This is what came together.  This was a baby quilt.

martha quilt-1

Loved this pattern so I sent it to Moda Bake Shop and what to you know – it is on their blog today!  Best part is that is has my favorite line of material to date.  Color Theory by V and Co.   Love love this line.  There is also pink, teal and mustard in the line which I’ll make into another quilt.  Will link here once I have completed it.

Here is a fun Shark Pillow I made yesterday as I got bit by inspiration!


Check it out over on their blog.   If you make your own version, I would love to see it!  Please add it to a comment!

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2015 is off and running!

It has been a few months since I last posted.  I have been anything but bored.  Realized that I made and gave away 5 quilt and forgot to take pictures of them.   Let me just say that I loved thinking about 2 babies, 2 neices and one amazing friend that I gave them to.  Hopefully this year, I can spend lots of time thinking about people I love as I make quilts for them.

Just wanted to post a picture of the people I that I love most!family 2014-1 family 2014 - 25 years of marriage a-1

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On the Go and I spy Baby Quilt

I have wanted to make an I Spy Quilt for the longest time.  When my nephew was born I had my chance.  So glad I found a pack of I spy precuts a local quilt shop so that I didn’t have to search much to find that many different fabrics which would work well for an I Spy quilt.  – Made the I spy for the back and then On the Go quilt for the front.

quilt blog 10.28.14-7 quilt blog 10.28.14-8 quilt blog 10.28.14-9

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Purple Diamond Quilt

Loved how this quilt turned out..

Great pattern by Sassafras  here is a link to the pattern.

Quick and easy, but having the right ruler makes all the difference in the world.

quilt blog 10.28.14-1 quilt blog 10.28.14-2 quilt blog 10.28.14-3 quilt blog 10.28.14-4 quilt blog 10.28.14-5 quilt blog 10.28.14-6


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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Life has been busy.   I haven’t made much time for blogging.   Will try to do a mass catch up on all that we’ve been doing.

2.  Owen has jumped back into Microsoft and has hit the ground running.  No honeymoon period, he is back and busy.  Mostly importantly he is happy and loves his job.  Which makes the rest of us happy!

3.  I have been staying very busy with a couple of different things.  Adventure Tuesday’s are back up and in full steam.  We have had a lot of new women this year and our number have grown.  Lots of new friends to do things with!

We have hiked…

blog 10.28.14a-4

blog 10.28.14a-5

rowed on Lake Sammamish …

blog 10.28.14a-8 blog 10.28.14a-11 blog 10.28.14a-10 blog 10.28.14a-9 blog 10.28.14a-12

hiked some more..

blog 10.28.14-4

biked along the Sammamish River Trail, ate lunch and biked back…

blog 10.28.14-6 blog 10.28.14-7

4.  I have had the chance to photograph the departure and arrival’s for Puget Sound Honor Flight.  Love spending time with these WWII vets and their families…

blog 10.28.14-3

These are 2 brothers and 2 brother-in-laws who all served in different branches of the military and they were going on the trip together.

blog 10.28.14a-7 blog 10.28.14-5

blog 10.28.14-2


5.  Brock has been making sure that the social activities in the Bellevue/Sammamish area haven’t dropped off once many of the summer kids left for school.

6.  Lindsay is working hard and we love seeing her when we get the chance.

7.  Brett was so excited to go to his homecoming dance.  He was very particular about what he wanted to wear.  He wanted a bow tie, (we talked him into a vest vs a tux jacket), black pants and black church shoes were very important.   His class met at Red Robin for dinner and then they took them to the school for the dance.  Brett danced until they turned off the music at 11pm.  He can’t wait for the next dance.

photo 2 (3)

8.  The bowling tournament is this coming weekend.   Basketball starts after Thanksgiving and he is very excited for it to start.  He was even practing shooting his basketball into a box last night to get ready for the season.

9.  Outdoor soccer is wrapping up for Becky next weekend.  They have had a great season and she is signed up for indoor soccer which starts next weekend also.  School is going great for her and she has a piano recital in a couple of weeks.

10.  Owen and Kris have been playing lots of volleyball and enjoying it a lot.  Lastly I’ll add a couple of pictures of random things that have been happening around here.

My first outdoor Halloween decoration in a long time.

blog 10.28.14a-6

Double rainbow in the sky the other day..

photo 4 (2)

New license plates that just so happen to have my college on them.  Looking forward to what happens on June 3rd (06/03).

photo 3 (3)

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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Lots of fun on the last couple of Tuesday with Adventure Tuesday – Paddle boarding and Biking the John Wayne Trail.  Although I’m finding Tuesday’s can get very busy hence why sometimes I miss a Ten on Tuesday.  Trying to get it done I promise.

AT JWT 2014-2 AT JWT 2014 a-1 at sup 2014-5 at sup 2014-15


2.  Brett is so funny.  Love how he perceives how a high schooler should act.   On Wednesday, I drive him to school, because my job is a mile or two from his school and I go in while they are at school.  His classroom is at one end of the building and the main entrance is at the other end.  Last week one of the EA’s was waiting at the door near his classroom to let the kids getting off the bus in that door. I asked him if he wanted to get out.  He told me that was for when your ride the bus.  He wanted to walk in the front door so as not to be confused with the bus riders.  Love his way of thinking.

3.  Owen got on his lumberjack skills on last weekend.  I have been wanting a change to my front entrance since I started working in the front yard last spring.

Can you see the difference?  Here is before…


and after….

blog 9.23-4


Love the openness of the front.

4.   I HAVE MY CAR BACK!!!!!   Brock did it.  He bought himself a car.

blog 9.23-5

blog 9.23-6

5.  Oh the things we have done with having a car again..

Batting cages on a Friday afternoon with Brett.  Brett was in heaven to have a consistent pitcher.  I was in heaven for not having to pitch for a half hour straight.  I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

blog 9.23-2


6.   Brett was living his dream of driving a go-kart.  We headed there last Friday after school.  Brett was so excited to go – he came and found me at my friend Tamie’s to bring me home (I have been know to spend a bit of time chatting with Tamie in the past).  We got to the go-kart place and we were the only ones in the building, just what I had hoped for – private race for Brett and Becky.

I was so surprised that Brett could steer and press the gas as well as he did.  Straight a ways and gas are not Brett’s friend when a turn is needed.  He loves speed.  Good thing the Go-Karts were battery powered and they had the ability to limit the speed he could go.

blog 9.23-8blog 9.23-7blog 9.23-9

7.  We went on Saturday to play Foot Golf.  It is golf using a soccer ball.  Needless to say Becky destroyed us even getting par on a couple of holes.  Lots of fun and we had a great afternoon.  We played it on a par-3 golf course (9 holes) and the just had the foot golf tee’s off to the side of the golf tees and the Pins were located in a different area than the golf pins.  Lots of fun.  I am sure there is one in your neck of the woods – for example for all my AZ family – Shalimar Golf Course has one – bet you didn’t know that!

blog 9.23-10 blog 9.23-11blog 9.23-12 blog 9.23-13

blog 9.23-14


8.  Becky decided that she was ready for a change in hair lengths.

blog 9.9-3

minus this…

blog 9.23-1


gives you the cutest 12 year old around.

blog 9.23-13

8.   Owen started yesterday back at Microsoft.  He spend 8 years then 4 years ago left to try new adventures and we are so happy and grateful and blessed to have him starting back again yesterday.  He is working as a sales engineer for Sharepoint.

9.  Tried out a supposed no-fail carmel apple recipe from a good friend…  Looks like it was a success…

blog 9.23-15 blog 9.23-16 blog 9.23-17


After eating them – they were delicious!!!!  Total success and a no fail – until you leave them out of the fridge overnight.  The caramel melted a bit.  But still tastes wonderful.

10.  Love when I’m working on family history and I discover pictures of very distant relatives.  It so fun to put faces with a name and history.  For example, I have relatives who were from Ireland/Scotland and their first 4 kids were born on small islands in Greece during the 1810’s.  Looked up and realized that was during the Napoleonic  wars.  How cool is that.  Here is a photo of the younger brother (not the parent) whose older 4 siblings were born in Greece’s.

Samuel & Mary Jane (Craven) Irwin Family photo

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